Portland Works – Sheffield


Portland works

Daniels Bros – making unique items from reclaimed wood.

Portland works man

Portland works

Portland works fork

Portland works

Portland works wool

Pippa Elliott makes her own rug designs and commissions in Sheffield.

Portland works post box

The other weekend we went to the Portland Works open day. It’s a big old building in Sheffield which was built in 1879. Renovations have started to take place in recent months and it’s currently a hub for small businesses. There are over 30 businesses based within the building including; Locksley Distilling, Shaw Engraving, Daniels Bros and many more.

We spent a couple of hours exploring the building and chatting with the makers. The building is filled with passionate people working very hard on their businesses. Each person comes from a different field but there is a friendly and creative atmosphere amongst everyone.

I think it’s very important to put these places into good use. They were once very important, but over the years they became neglected. There are many buildings like this in Sheffield. Portland Works got lucky, thanks to their volunteers.

I hope you enjoy my iPhone snaps from the day.

Location: Randall Street, Sheffield