Blogs You Should Be Reading – 5


I hope you’ve all had a good week. I decided to join a co-working space earlier in the week. I felt like I needed to mix with people from a variety of industries. Working from home for 5 days every week can get a bit lonely at times. I’ve been to co-working spaces before but never in Sheffield. I think it’s something most bloggers and freelancers should try out. Have you ever tried it? I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

I’ve found lots of interesting blog posts over the week. I hope you enjoy my picks:

– Anne-Sophie shares are top 5 tips for planning a trip to Japan.
– Julia shares some beautiful photos from her trip to Oregon.
– These quinoa meatloaf burgers sound delicious.
– These pink flamingo pjs are so cute.
– Sophie has shared a very handy checklist for anyone buying their dream home.
– This awesome video will show you the real Iran.
– Monica from The Travel Hack shares her tips on how to become a full time blogger.
– I’m really enjoying Old Fashioned Susie’s tweets at the mo.
– The Proper People create fantastic urban exploration videos.
– I love the Instagram page for Suitcase magazine.

Feel free to send me your best blog posts over on Twitter or in the comment section below.