Ready Set Pimm’s


It’s not long ’til the next bank holiday weekend (30th May FYI). There are also lots of celebrations coming up for the Queen’s 90th birthday. This week I’ve collaborated with to share some Pimm’s-based cocktails with you. Now, this might be controversial but I’d never really tried Pimm’s before this post. Well, I’d had it once but it was so long ago that I barely remember it. So, when thebar offered to sponsor me to try making a few Pimm’s cocktails I couldn’t refuse. After all the cocktail experimentation I’m now left with an empty bottle of Pimm’s and I’m looking forward to treating myself to another bottle for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

The other week I was waiting for a break in all the rain, snow and hail that we’ve been having here in the UK and it just wasn’t happening. So, P and I decided to ignore the weather and go out into the garden to make some cocktails. We had a lot of fun, so if the weather isn’t in your favour don’t let it stop you. Luckily, a week later the snow was gone and the sunshine was out. Obviously we had to go back outside to have another cocktail making session.

So, whatever occasion you’re celebrating and whatever the weather (hopefully it’s sunshine) I have 2 fruity and delicious cocktails to share with you. Both of these cocktails are delightfully easy to make so if you’ve got a bottle of Pimm’s there’s really no excuse not to serve your friends something fancy over the long weekend.

Let’s start off with the traditional Pimm’s No1 & Lemonade.

What you need: Pimm’s, lemonade, 1 strawberry, mint, half and orange and a hunk of cucumber. 


Grab you favourite glass and fill it with ice cubes.

Add 50ml of Pimm’s and 100ml lemonade into your glass. I’ll let you in on a secret, I don’t have a jigger so I always wing it.

Thinly slice the orange, strawberry and cucumber and pack it generously into your glass.


Add a pretty straw and a novelty flamingo – this part is essential.

Finally, garnish with mint.

It’s nice to leave this cocktail to sit and infuse the flavours of the fruit before drinking. 

Next up we have P’s personal favourite, Pimm’s on Fire


Pop some ice in your glass and add 50ml of Pimm’s.


Top up your glass with ginger beer.


Finally, if you’re like me and love mint then make sure you garnish with lots of mint.


Yes, these cocktails really are that simple.


Will you be trying one of these Pimm’s cocktails over the weekend? Send me a photo over on Twitter or Instagram if you do.

Thank you to for collaborating with me on this post.