Optimise your Bedroom for Relaxation


My sleep routine has not been on form recently. I blame it on a mixture of dealing with food allergies and eczema, my obnoxiously hot flat, working late and not getting enough exercise. So, over the weekend I decided that it was time to get my bedroom back to feeling cosy and a place where I can relax in the evening.

A key problem I have is using my laptop and phone in the evening. I go through phases of keeping my laptop out of my bedroom and manage to stick to it for a few months. Then it slowly sneaks its way back in. Recently I’ve been waking up early and replying to emails in bed with a cuppa. I’ll then get really into my work in the evening and finish off photo editing in bed. It’s not a good habit to be in.

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.


Here are the things I implemented over the weekend to ensure that my bedroom feels comfortable and calm for the week ahead.

– Lighting: I think lighting is key when it comes to creating different atmospheres within the home. I make good use of fairy lights throughout my house but my favourite place to have them is above my bed. I haven’t been switching them on recently because I got out of the habit while I was away. I’m now switching them on in the evening and ensuring they’re the last thing I turn off. It’s even more fun when you can control them from your phone!

Over the last 6 months I’ve been using a desk light as a bedside lamp. I hope to change that soon, the lighting is too harsh for the bedroom and it’s way too tall. Changing the lightbulb would be a good step but for now I’ve turned the lamp to face the wall. As you can see in the photo it creates a lovely warm glow which bounces off the wall. I can still read with this lighting and it’s much softer than before.

– Eliminate clutter: It’s so easy to let bedside tables become cluttered with books, magazines and empty cups. Please tell me I’m not alone here? I’ve cleared all the surfaces in my bedroom and taken out any junk. Well, it’s all gone into one box and is now sitting in my living room and waiting to be cleared away or put in the bin.

I’m aiming to keep the clutter in my bedroom to a minimum. It helps to keep my mind calm as there aren’t as many distractions within my line of site.

– No technology: Get rid of all electronics from the bedroom. That means laptops, phones, tablets and televisions. I’m trying to keep my electronics on my desk in the other room. Everything is plugged it there which makes it more of an effort to unplug and take into my bedroom. I’ve even taken the TV out of our bedroom because even though it’s nice to watch a film before bed it just stimulates the mind. I then drift off thinking about work and ideas and end up waking up to write them down. I’m going to stick to listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

– Comfortable bedding: Fresh bedding is one of my favourite things. My bedding is organised into seasons as I find it helps with the atmosphere and comfort of the room. At the moment I’m using this lovely green gingham bedding that the team at Debenhams sent to me. It’s perfect for the transitional months because it has a very fresh yet cosy feeling to it. It’s 100% cotton (pssst it’s currently got 40% off) and lovely and soft. My skin has been very sensitive recently and this hasn’t irritated it at all.

It’s also important to change your pillows, mattress and duvet. I’ve just started using this Snuggledown duvet which has made my bed extra comfortable. I hadn’t changed my duvet for a good few years and now I realise how important it is. I think I’m in need of some new pillows next but that will require a little research. Let me know if you’ve recently purchased any allergy friendly and comfortable pillows.

– Cosy decor: Although I want to keep my bedroom free of clutter I do like having a candle or infuser in my room. I think soft and warming scents in the bedroom can work well to encourage a calm atmosphere.

I also like to have a few scatter cushions on the bed. However, if you’re trying to eliminate clutter it’s important not to go over the top with them. When you get into bed at night you probably pop the cushions onto the floor or if you’re organised they sit neatly in a basket. Keeping the floor clear is an important step in decluttering. With this cute hedgehog cushion (by my favourite home brand, Scion) I can start welcoming in autumn, make my room feel cosy but avoid too much clutter.

Putting this list together, taking action and sharing it with you will hold me accountable. I also hope that it will help some of you to make your bedroom more of a relaxing space for the upcoming autumn months.

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