Snapshots from a day in Southwold


Southwold is my happy place. I’ve been visiting this little town since I was born, just like my mum and grandma did. It’s very much a family thing and I have lots of happy memories here.


There are lots of pastel homes covered in flowers. If I had one I’d paint it mint green. What colour would you paint yours?


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my grandma had a chair engraved for her father. I always make sure I take some time to sit on it and look out to the beautiful sea.

southwold beach

On this visit it was a particularly sunny day but as this is England, the windbreaks were out in full force.


When I found out we were visiting Southwold I knew which handbag to take. I found this beauty on the Shopbop website. It’s huge and ideal to use for trips to the beach or even as a carry-on bag. Unfortunately I can’t track down this design now but there are a few similar shape handbags available. There’s one with cats on, a very nautical one and my personal favourite, Pelican Francis.



Whenever I’m in Southwold I love to explore with my camera. I may have taken photos of the same views 100 times but this pushes me to be more creative. Is there an angle I’ve missed? Could I crouch down even lower to look at something in a new way? Sometimes I’ll take the same photo and look at how the beach or the shops in the town have changes over the years.


This coin operated binocular has been here for years. I’m pretty sure the price has gone up a little but it still holds the same excitement for kids and adults. I think there’s a little more to look out to now. People have jet skis and there are even big ships passing by.



This was such a beautiful day. The weather and company were both excellent. It’s very much one of my favourite days of summer 2016.


The reason for this trip was to drop my grandma off at The Crown (fab staff, beautiful room and good food) for her holiday. I snapped this photos from her bedroom window just before we left. I adore all the different roof heights against the sky.



These little homes are just behind Adnams Brewery. If you’re planning on visiting Southwold then I highly rate the Adnams distillery tour. Make sure you book on early because the spaces fill up very quickly.  I put together a post the other month about how you should spend a day in Southwold. I hope you find it useful.


My next visit to Southwold will be during autumn. It’s actually one of my favourite times to visit because the ute little pubs have their fires lit and it’s not quite as busy as the summer.



Later in the week I’ll be telling you about the new fish and chip shop we went to. There are a few good places to get fish and chips so I try to alternate my visits to them each time we visit.

Tell me about one of your favourite days from this summer.