Smile with Tetley Tea


Since I got back from Berlin I’ve been a little under the weather. So, I’ve been wrapped up warm, focused on my work and been drinking lots of tea. Not far off a usual day to be honest.

I really enjoy trying new teas and luckily a little bundle arrived from Tetley just at the right time. I haven’t had chance to make my way through them all yet but I’ve particularly been enjoying their Super Green Tea. The ingredients are; 82% green tea, natural mint flavouring, peppermint leaves and selenium (contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress).

I’ve really enjoyed starting my mornings with this tea, it’s refreshing but also warming from the mint flavour. I don’t normally pick teas which have added extras in them but as I’m not a fan of taking supplements I figured this would be a good way to give my body a boost when it’s not at its best. If you’re a fan of mint tea then I think you’ll really enjoy this green and mint combo.

I thought I’d mention Tetley today because they’re currently running The Tetley Smile Challenge in support of The Smile Train – a charity which funds life changing surgery for children born with a cleft lip or palate. The aim is to capture one million smiles through face tracking software to help support Smile Train.

The campaign has been created in celebration of a $1 million donation by Tetley and Tata Sons to The Smile Train cleft lip charity. I always like to get involved and help out with charities where I can. You can get involved by donating, spreading the word or simply taking the Tetley Smile Challenge