The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

Have you heard of the The Sweet Potato Spirit Company? They popped up on my Twitter timeline a few months ago and I was instantly drawn to their cute little logo. Not only is their branding on point but they also have a rather intriguing selection of spirits and liqueurs made from the finest sweet potatoes.

I love learning about and trying craft/artisan drinks so I was very excited when the friendly and passionate team at the Sweet Potato Spirit Company asked if I’d like to give them try.

I use sweet potatoes a lot so having the chance to try them as something other than chips or in a curry was very exciting.

The spirits and liqueurs are hand crafted from scratch using only the very best ingredients. The sweet potatoes come from Scott Farms in North Carolina, USA. They’re hand picked and shipped out to the Sweet Potato Spirit Company where the copper stills work their magic.

There are 4 different spirits in total; Moonshine, Spiced Rum Orangecello Liqueur and Raspberry Liqueur.

Moon Shine bottle glass

Moon Shine Sweet Potato bottle

Moonshine: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but Phil and I really enjoyed it and we can’t wait to have it again. It reminded me of a smooth whisky and I could easily detect sweet notes of vanilla. The Moonshine worked well over ice but I hear it goes very well with ginger beer. It was lovely and warming, perfect for these cold evenings we’ve been having.

Spiced Rum Sweet Potato

Spiced Rum Glass Sweet Potato

Spiced Rum cocktail

Spiced Rum: Rum isn’t usually a drink I’d pick but with this one it could easily become a favourite. This was so so good and I’m tempted to order a large bottle (Phil’s giving this a big nod of approval too). I loved the warm spicy flavour alongside the slightly sweeter notes of cherry. This rum is a real treat over ice, especially on a cold evening. We decided to make mini pina coladas with coconut, pineapple juice and lots of ice. These when down very easily. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be ordering a full bottle soon.

SP-Raspberrry Liqueur bottle

Raspberrry Liqueur Glass

Raspberrry Liqueur cocktails

Raspberrry Liqueur: I thought this was going to be very sweet but it’s not at all. It’s almost as though you’re drinking real, fresh raspberries with a zingy taste. It’s not at all sickly and delicious to drink over ice. Adding a splash to jazz up a glass of bubbles is probably my favourite way to enjoy this drink. I think it’d be nice to have a bottle of this on handy to experiment with different cocktails.

Orangecello Liqueur Sweet Potato Spirit

Prettygreentea spirit
Orangecello Liqueur:
This liqueur has a very fresh and zingy flavour, I love it. The orange is full of flavour and isn’t at all sickly. It has a very smooth and creamy taste and is delightfully zesty. I didn’t manage to grab a photo (the lighting was awful) but I ended up mixing this with a glass of fizz the other evening and it was the best. Like the Raspberrry Liqueur I’d love to experiment making a few cocktails with this.

I’m keen to buy another set of the drinks and play around with all the cocktail ideas they have on their site. I enjoyed all of the spirits alone as sipping drinks but a few mix really well with bubbles.

You can buy the set of 4 online from their website or full sized bottles. I think this will make an excellent gift for anyone who likes to try new and interesting spirits.