Ombar Centres Chocolate – Dairy Free

Ombar Centres Bar Organic

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I recently launched a new blog, Dairy Free Daisy. I’ll be telling more about that soon but basically I’ll be showing people that going dairy free (through need or choice) doesn’t have to be daunting. I’ll be sharing recipes, reviews and discussing life with intolerances and eczema.

When I first started to cut out dairy I was particularly annoyed about having to say goodbye to chocolate. Wouldn’t you be? I quickly took matters into my own hands and did a little ‘research‘. I ended up discovering Ombar chocolate and it’s become a firm favourite of mine. Actually it’s one of my top 5 dairy free chocolates.

coconut and vanilla ombar

Delicious Ombar Chocolate

Ombar create beautifully smooth raw chocolate. It’s made with coconut cream which gives it a real creamy texture. Everything that Ombar makes is organic, gluten, dairy free and suitable for vegans. They have quite a large range to pick from with 11 flavours of bars and 2 types of buttons. I haven’t tried the full collection yet but I’m quickly making my way through them. So far I can confirm that the Coco Mylk buttons are the best buttons I’ve ever had. They’re much better than regular chocolate buttons. The Strawberry Mylk bar and Goji Berry bar are also vey tasty.

New Ombar Centres

Inside Ombar Chocolate

In recent months Ombar have launched 2 new bars to their collection and they’re the Ombar Centres; Coconut & Vanilla and Raspberry & Coconut. I’ve enjoyed both of these chocolate bars and have repurchased them multiple times already. Both bars are lovely rich chocolate containing sweet centres. The mix of the sweet centre and dark surrounding chocolate work so well together. I’m really enjoying the Raspberry & Coconut one at the moment, I think I’ll be picking up a couple of bars to enjoy over Christmas. If you were a fan of Bounty bars before your dairy free life then you’re going to love the Coconut & Vanilla bar.

Ombar Centres retail for around £1.99. You can find them in places like Healthy Supplies, Planet Organic, Amazon and over on their own website.

go perfectly alongside a cup of tea. Leave a comment below and let me know which dairy free chocolate is your favourite.