Blogs You Should Be Reading – 17


It’s been way too long since I last shared a list of my favourite links here on Prettygreentea. I think it was just after I got back from Berlin that I last shared one of these posts with you. That’s just too long. It’s been a busy couple of months but I’ve been updating Prettygeentea almost daily and working on my new blog, Dairy Free Daisy. During this time I’ve continued to share links to good reads over on Twitter and Facebook but I thought it was about time that I finally sit down and share a full list with you.

I really like having a page on my blog where I can #ShareTheLove. I enjoy looking back and refreshing my mind on all the fantastic blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts and talented people that are out there on the internet.

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I’ve picked out some blog posts I’ve really enjoyed over the last few weeks, a couple of Etsy shops that are selling cool things and some beautiful photography. I hope you enjoy today’s list:

I’m always looking for new content to read and share. Feel free to send me your blog posts or the best that you’ve read recently over onTwitter or in the comment section below.