We Are Tea – Everyday Good Range


Ever since I took my first sip of the new collection of teas from We Are Tea I’ve been wanting to tell you about them. I’ve mentioned them over on Twitter and Instagram but that’s simply not enough. So, I’m finally here to tell you about the new Everyday Good range.

We Are Tea teamed up with leading nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to create and develop the new range of teas. All 3 of the blends are 100% natural and are the first of their kind to be backed by a nutritionist.

In the collection there’s: Svelte, Glow and Soothe. Each bag contains 12 teabags. I’ve found that I can use each of the teabags at least 3 times. They’re filled with whole leaf tea, you won’t find any tea dust in these teabags.

We Are Tea Svelte

Svelte – for body balance

The Svelte tea is made with: Yerba mate, nettle, dandelion, ginger, fennel and seaweed. I really like yerba mate (part of the holly family) based teas and have tried many different ones over the years. I really enjoyed the combination of fennel and ginger alongside the yerba mate in this tea.

I really enjoy starting my day with this invigorating yet warming tea.

We Are Tea - Glow

Glowfor skin radiance

This tea is focused on maintaining skin health through antioxidants. I always find that my skin can do with an extra boost, particularly when it’s feeling dry. As I don’t take supplements this tea is ideal. The ingredients are: Echinacea, dandelion, nettle, mixed red berries and calendula petals. This tea has a slight natural sweetness to it and has more of a fruity zing to it. I’ve been drinking this tea in the morning or throughout the day.

I often drink teas with echinacea throughout the winter months because it’s particularly good for your immune system.

We Are Tea Sooth

Soothe for tummy relief

I’ve been enjoying all 3 of the Everyday Good teas but I must admit that Soothe quickly became my favourite. I’m trying to drink more caffeine free teas in the evening and I looked forward to making this after dinner. This tea is made with: fennel, chamomile, lemon verbena, holy basil, mint and ginger. This is a very soothing and warming tea to drink. It goes down easily and the blend of mint, chamomile and ginger work very well together. I can’t wait to stock up on this tea as the weather starts to get colder.

What teas are you enjoying at the moment?