Do something creative each day

Over the last couple of weeks I set myself the challenge to do one extra creative thing each day. It’s really pushing me to create more, develop my skills and make the most of my free time.

Flowers in autumn

I could easily work all day and into the evening but I think it’s important to take a break and think about something different. I find that creative breaks and attempting new projects helps me to see my work in a new light. It’s easy to get stuck with the same routine and habits for work and in your business. I personally like to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things to ensure I can improve upon my work. Like many of you, I work within the ever-changing world of technology and social media it’s important to always be ready to adapt to new trends and changes.

Pretty flower in Cambridge - October

I like my breaks to be productive so I can learn new skills and develop my current ones. The challenge is always in addition to my current to do list. So, photographs for a blog post don’t count. It could be making a short video, learning a new trick on Premiere Pro or Photoshop, planning a photoshoot, making a necklace or just going out for a walk with my camera. If I have a busy day then taking 10 minutes to venture outside with my camera makes a big difference to my productivity levels.

Hello there

Within this creative challenge I want to do some DIY projects. I’m always pinning DIY projects onto my Pinterest boards and as I set myself the challenge of completing 30 DIY projects before my 30th birthday I’m going to get cracking with them.

Calling this a challenge isn’t really the right word. It’s more of a lifestyle change and a push to simply be more creative with the tools I have and to appreciate the world around me.

October flowers in Cambridge

I’ll be sharing more of my daily photos and videos over on Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Facebook. If you decide to get involved and start incorporating more creativity into your daily life then do let me know. Send me your YouTube videos, tag me in the photos from your early morning walk, tell me what you plan to bake this afternoon or just let me know that you’re getting involved.

Creativity is different for everyone and that’s what makes it so much fun.

Cambridge walk - flowers

To the river

The photos within this post are from my walk through Cambridge the other day. It’d been a long time since I took notice of the beautiful and quiet moments of nature within the busy city.