Ted Baker Mirror Folio iPhone Case Review

Ted Baker Mirrow Phone Case

The other month the lovely team at Proporta sorted Gadgetoid and I out with new phone cases. I’ve now been using this beautiful Ted Baker Mirror Folio case for well over a month and I love it. It’s been well and truly tested as it’s been on many trips with me including; Berlin, Paris, Cambridge and London.

Ted Baker Mirror case

I picked the case purely based on the colours, mint and pink are my favourite. So it was a surprise to find a little mirror on the inside of the case when I opened it up. A folio case normally has a section on the inside for bank or business cards. I always find these particularly useful so I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with the new addition of a hidden mirror.

It turns out that the little mirror inside this phone case is much more useful than I could have ever imagined. I’ve used it to apply my lipstick on the train and check I haven’t got anything in my teeth before meetings. It’s just all-round handy, especially when I’m travelling. I honestly hope that my future phone cases all come with hidden mirrors.

The inner shell of the case is rose gold which compliments the pink and mint floral outer. There are details of rose gold on the branding and the mirror has a print of a frame on top of it. The print hasn’t worn away at all although the mirror has a few scratches on it. I put that down to having the phone in my bag without closing it. Overall the case is wearing well.

ted baker london case

The phone continues to be slimline and lightweight when the case is on and fits neatly into my handbag or pocket.

The inner case fits snuggly around the phone and takes quite a bit of force to remove it. This is very good news in my book. There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone mid-Instagram and the phone falling straight out of the case as it hits the floor. The cover of the phone is magnetic to protect your screen from wear and tear in your handbag.

Ted Baker Proporta Case Pink close up

The camera cut out its very generous so there’s no distortion when you’re taking photos. Both the lens and flash are fully visible which makes a nice change from cheaper cases I’ve used in the past. The audio port and lighting port are also free from obstruction so you can charge the case and still use your headphones at the same time.

What's in my bag - Ted Baker Mirror iPhone Case

I’ve really enjoyed using this phone case. It’s cute yet sophisticated and adds a bit of colour to these grey days we’ve been having. If you’re not into pink but like the style of this case then check out the monochrome version, it’s very chic.