5 Last Minute E-Gift Voucher Ideas


Don’t knock a gift voucher.

It doesn’t lack creativity, it’s actually quite a thoughtful and useful gift. It allows someone who may not have lots of disposable income to treat themselves at their favourite shop or restaurant. It means you won’t give someone something they already have. It’s also very useful for gifting friends and family who live far away.

Here are 5 e-gift vouchers I think would make for fab last minute gift ideas:

Magazine subscription: Pick a magazine your friend will love and then schedule a date and message to be sent out to let them now. Your lucky recipient simply needs to pop their voucher code into the website to redeem their subscription. I personally enjoy National Geographic and LivingEtc.

Zizzi Italian Restaurant – Most restaurants will send out a text or email based voucher which I think is so useful. A lot of people I know often say they don’t want any gifts. So, I think a foodie gift voucher is a fab idea. You won’t be cluttering up their home with gifts they don’t need but you can still treat them. They also do a vegan menu now.

Asos voucher – This is one for all the fashion lovers or even for someone who’s starting a new job in 2017. You can simply send them an e-voucher with your selected amount and let them go wild on the ASOS website.

Cineworld Movies – Have you got a friend who’s a movie buff? A couple of trips to the cinema on you would make a much loved gift. You have the option of sending the gift card straight to your pal’s email or to their home. So simple!

Etsy voucher – If you have a friend or family member who loves to support small indie businesses then I think an Etsy voucher would be the perfect gift. They can discover new makers with ease and treat themselves to something special while supporting an indie biz. I love shopping with people like Ontentzeroseven and TheOwlery.

What shop or restaurant would you like an e-gift voucher for?