Amedei Tuscany Dark Chocolate

Toscano Black 70 percent

I was sent some delicious Amedei Tuscany chocolate the other week and it’s so good that I decided I must tell you about it today. Although it’s a new brand to me, it was founded in 1990 by Cecilia Tessieri (the first female Master Chocolatier – what a fantastic achievement) and has won many awards. Cecilia’s mission was to make exquisite Italian chocolate and I can confirm that it’s some of the best I’ve had. I’m longing to try more from the collection.
Amedei choc squares
Cecilia creates every recipe after having selected the perfect beans, that’s where it all starts. It’s one of the only Italian chocolate companies to have full control over the entire production, from cocoa bean to the finished product. Cecilia has managed to eliminate the use of soy lecithin – something I was very interested to learn.


Morning Coffee and Choc

The Amedei Tuscany 70% chocolate bar is delightful. It has a very rich and full flavour and if you give it chance to melt on your tongue you’ll really experience the creamy texture. Just one small square alongside your mid-morning coffee is satisfying. I love dark chocolate, it always feels like a real treat and it’s really good to bake with. I have a few squares of chocolate left so I think I might use them in some cookies this weekend.

Dark Chocolate-Italian-Amedei

This year Amedei Tuscany have teamed with Arpa Foundation and created 2 gift boxes, containing a selection of chocolates, chocolate bars and pralines. Part of the proceeds (€2/3) from sales of the boxes will be donated towards fund raising to finance a scholarship for a young Ecuadorian student.


Have you ever tried Amedei Tuscany chocolate? I’ve heard their pralines are excellent.