Capturing a simple moment

Cheese grater in Sheffield being cleaned on a sunny day

I took this quick snap on my walk back to the office. These guys have been cleaning (I think) the cheese grater building in Sheffield for a few days now. I’ve noticed them each day because their orange outfits look so striking against this big building.

I think it’s so important to observe the environment around us. Be aware of what’s happening above and below you. I’m personally motivated and inspired by my surroundings. It’s forever giving me ideas on how to style my outfits, new directions to take my business in and how I can generally be a better and more mindful person.

Be present and take note of the things that could easily be missed. If like me, you enjoy taking photos or recording films then embrace the tools you have to hand. Sometimes it’s not possible to have the latest camera or your favourite lens, so grab your phone and capture the moment. Just a split second’s record of the day is all you need.