Neal’s Yard Facial Polish and Deodorant Review

Back in the summer I went to an event to learn more about one of my favourite skincare brands, Neal’s Yard. It was held at the Cambridge store which is small but full of fantastic products and passionate staff. They even have a treatment room downstairs. I shared a post dedicated to their magical Wild Rose Beauty Balm – I’ve since used this pot up and treated myself to another.

I wanted to pop on here today and tell you about 2 of the other products I picked up in the summer; Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish and Lavender & Aloe Vera Deodorant. Both of these products were new to me.


The Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish is a beautiful product and I look forward to using it each week. You can use it a couple of times a week and some people even use it daily, I like to just use it once a week on a Sunday. I apply a little into my hands and then massage it into my face in an upward circular motion. I avoid using the product around my eyes but focus on working it into my nose, chin and forehead. I’ll then rinse the product off with warm water.

The product offers a gentle exfoliant, perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It smells beautiful and has made me want to incorporate more rose scented products into my skincare. The full Rehydrating Rose collection smells divine.


I have fairly sensitive skin so I only like to use gentle products on my face – just in case. If you have sensitive skin too then I really think you’ll like this Rose Facial Polish. It’s never irritated my skin. It simply leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I like to use an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells and look after my skin from daily life.

I also find that this is a very relaxing ritual to have each week. I’m not one for relaxing but I do try to incorporate small moments of self-care throughout my week.

As you would expect with Neal’s Yard this is a natural product and you will not find any plastic in the product. If you’re interested, the government have said they’ll ban microbeads in products by 2017


The second product I’ve been using (and already repurchased) is the Lavender & Aloe Vera deodorant. I’m a big fan of the Neal’s Yard deodorants and had previously been using their Lemon and Coriander deodorant – I wrote about it back in 2013. I was originally going to pick up a bottle of my usual one but the lovely shop assistant suggested I give the Lavender & Aloe Vera a try. It’s aimed at people with sensitive skin. Just a quick FYI I didn’t have any skin irritations from the Lemon and Coriander one at all, I’m just always up for a change, especially after 2/3 years with the same deodorant.

This is a natural deodorant which means that it’s aluminum-salt free and there are no preservatives in it. It has a blend of cleansing and antibacterial extracts to keep you fresh. I know a deodorant isn’t something that everyone would want to splash out on but because it’s a product I use directly on my skin every single day I like to ensure I’m using something that will compliment my sensitive skin.

The spray has a lovely soothing scent which I particularly like. It has a subtle scent of lavender and a clear kick of tea tree oil. These oils are well known for cooling and soothing. The deodorant doesn’t stop you from sweating as it’s not an antiperspirant. It does however keep you feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day, even after a visit to the gym.

I’ve had no skin irritations from the product and have found that it lasts all day.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite Neal’s Yard products are.