Thoughts from my canal walk in Sheffield

1duck swim canal

Remember I told you about that excellent eatlat white I had at HowSt the other day? Well, after our coffee and lunch P and I headed off for a walk. We wanted to explore a new (to us) area of Sheffield and have a nosey at a flat. We loved the flat but not the area, the usual story. We decided we’d explore a little more and ended up taking a walk through Victoria Quays and did part of the canal walk.

Victoria Quays Archway

Victoria Quays crisp reflection 2

Victoria Quays has so much potential. There are some lovely flats there but it felt very alone and quiet on this occasion. Despite it being Saturday, most of the shops were closed and there were a few empty shops which have the potential to house nice little coffee shops. I would have loved to have stopped off for a drink by the canal but I imagine the worry of flooding may put potential business off. Actually, that could also be why the service charge on the flats were so high.

Me vlogging

Exploring Victoria Quays

As always we had a few cameras on hand for the walk. We swap between them depending on what we want to film or photograph. It’s nice to have someone who understands my joy of documenting life.

7D - Hello Robin

Bridge reflections in Sheffield

I might be a little extra cautious but I wouldn’t advise anyone to do the canal walk alone. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable on my own there.

Dark reflections in sheffield

Backpack life

Phil’s Fjallraven backpack has been so useful. I picked it out for his birthday the other year and he’s been using it for work and day trips ever since. I also got one for Pop in red last week and she’s very pleased with it. I think it’s time I join the Fjallraven club. Which colour would you pick?

1canal art

1d canal walk reflections

We passed many abandoned buildings along our walk and sadly, a lot of junk chucked into the canal. There’s a lot of opportunity for interesting photography projects though.

Silver leaf

I’m looking forward to another long walk this weekend. We haven’t decided where we’ll go yet but I’ll be sure to document it. I know it’s only Wednesday but what are your plans for the weekend?