Relax with a cup of Orange Rooibos Tea

I’ve been a fan of CHASH Tea for quite some time now. I first discovered the brand back in 2011 when I was living in a little seaside town. Actually, the owner found me and sent me an exciting box of samples. I instantly fell in love with CHASH teas and of course, the world of indie tea makers. It’s now 5 years later and I’ve even had the chance to interview the founder, Dan for my Behind the biz interview series.

Over the last few years I’ve always loved the Organic Mint Spice tea (it’s perfect for after an evening meal) but last night I discovered a new favourite.

After a long but productive day of work yesterday I finally shut my laptop down around 11pm. I realise that’s quite late but if I’m on a roll with something I like to get it finished before trying to sleep. I knew I needed to take a little time to wind down and relax before going to bed so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to make a pot of Orange Rooibos tea. I’d been looking forward to brewing up a pot of this tea, I always find rooibos to be very calming.

Time for tea - orange rooibos - prettygreentea blog

I left the tea to brew for about 3 minutes. During this time I filled up a hot water bottle (my flat is really cold at the mo), picked out a book and put my laptop away. I’ll be honest here, when I got into bed I really wanted to read but I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Instead, I put Jess Lively’s podcast on and read some articles and blogs on Feedly.

Relax with Orange Rooibos Tea

I poured my first cup of tea and instantly felt relaxed. There’s something about the process of making tea that I find very calming.

I enjoyed this rooibos tea black and without any sugar added. However, P added a little hot milk and honey to give it a sweeter taste. This tea has a clear but soft taste of rooibos. It’s warming, yet zesty from the fruity flavours but not at all tart like fruit tea. I really enjoyed the tea and I think the fruity additions really complimented the rooibos.

orange rooibos tea review

Like most teas on the CHASH website you can buy it as a loose leaf tea or in pouches. I normally enjoy drinking rooibos tea in the evening but with this  tea I think it would be also work well during the afternoon slump. I doubt I’m the only person who hits a 3pm slump most afternoons. I usually try to make a tea, drink water or stop working for a while when the slump hits. There’s no point staring at a screen and not getting any work done. I find I’m better to walk away from my work and come back to it later in the evening when I’m feeling ready.

Orange Rooibos Tea - CHASH - Prettygreentea

If you’re trying to drink more caffeine-free teas but don’t like plain fruit teas then give this one a try.

Leave a comment below and let me know what’s in your teacup today.