4 Reasons to visit Lake Garda

Lake Garda Castle

Italy, a country that everyone loves. Friendly people, delicious Italian cuisine, red wine and stunning scenery! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this country. I’ve been fortunate to visit Rome, Isola del Liri, Verona and Lake Garda. Lake Garda is one of the largest lakes in Italy and it’s not hard to see why families and couples love to spend their holidays adventuring there.

A beautiful evening in Lake garda

Boat life

4 reasons I think you should visit Lake Garda:

  • Day trips – One of my favourite things about Lake Garda is how easy it is to access other towns and villages. The best way to get around is most definitely by boat.  There are many ferries that sail around the lake which make day trips delightfully easy. I really enjoyed visiting Bardolino, a beautiful town which has a very calming atmosphere, despite being a popular place. The busses are also really good, or at least I had a good experience with them. I particularly enjoyed visiting Verona from where we were staying (Sirmione) and if you fancy jumping on the train, Venice is jut a couple of hours away.
  • History – If you enjoy visiting places with a rich history then Lake Garda won’t disappoint, especially if you like to visit castles. If you find yourself near to Sirmione then visit Castello Scaligero. As with any adventure, make sure you do some research before you go.
  • Scenery – Lake Garda is the ideal destination for photographers, artists, sporty types and anyone who simply appreciates beautiful scenery. I particularly adored the backdrop of big mountains and hills. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset across the lake and witnessing the changing shades of the mountains and trees. If I have the chance to visit again I’d love to get out to the hills for some hiking. Fun fact – when I visited Bardolino there was an Ironman triathlon taking place.
  • Ice cream – We all know that Italy is famed for its ice cream and around the towns of Lake Garda they had some of the best I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure they had the most ice cream shops too. Every corner you turn you’ll find a cute little shop selling a wide variety of flavours as well as lots of sorbet options too. I challenge you to go to as many of the ice cream shops as you can.

Italian street
Although I don’t usually like going back to the same place twice I think I’d be keen to go to Lake Garda again. Last time we stayed at a lovely hotel in Sirmione but if we go back again I think we’ll opt for a villa and a different part of the lake, maybe Salò. Clickstay have a few beautiful private villas around Lake Garda  and I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day dreaming about future holiday plans. A villa would allow us to go away as a bigger group, enjoy a private pool and get a feel for how the locals live.

Thanks to Clickstay for collaborating with me on this post.