Nordic Embassies Berlin – Fashion Food Design – Exhibition – October 2016

nordic embassy exhibition

nordic embassy berlin exhibition

Back in October I went to Berlin for the second time. I’ve shared posts about my highlights from the tripmy favourite coffee spot and a shop which is dedicated liquorice. Today I want to share some photos from an exhibition we went to at the Nordic Embassies (it hosts Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark). The exhibition was on Nordic fashion food and design, all with an ethical focus

Unfortunately the exhibition is no longer running, it ended a couple of days after we left Berlin. Do keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions and events throughout the summer though. The Nordic Embassies are well worth a visit, especially if you like interesting architecture.


IMG_359nordic embassy berlin exhibition - fashion food and design

nordic embassy teapot

I’ve been lusting after these teapots for a long time so I was delighted to find out that they’re designed by Sami Ruotsalainen for Marimekko.

nordic embassy interiors and home

Another favourite Marimekko of mine is this Siirtolapuutarha coffee cup. I really like that it doesn’t have a handle, I can imagine it’s very cosy to cosy up with and keep your hands warm.

nordic embassy berlin exhibition sign

This is the big poster on the side of one of the 6 buildings. I spotted it when we were taking a bus across the city and immediately did a little research about the exhibition. I’m so glad we made the time to go back and visit the embassies.

nordic embassy berlin exhibition - fashion

nordic embassy berlin exhibition section

nordic embassy exhibition in berlin

The exhibition talked about achieving good living with a focus on sustainability and practicality and how these are incorporated into fashion, design and food. I’m very interested in sustainability and it’s something I want to learn more about as well as incorporate into my life where possible.

nordic embassy - yellow cooking pot

Michael Lax enamel cookware – isn’t it a beauty?

nordic embassy berlin exhibition lights

nordic embassy berlin exhibition - lightbulb

I’m really into lighting, especially interesting lightbulbs and unique frames. I think lighting is so important in the home, it helps to give off a different feel depending on what you want.

nordic embassy Finnland

nordic embassy berlin exhibition 2016

IMG_nordic embassy berlin exhibition Oct 16

nordic embassy berlin exhibition - salty

I had a real taste for liquorice during this trip so these little boxes caught my eye. I really like the packaging, it’s a shame they weren’t selling them.

nordic embassy berlin pretty cups

nordic embassy - glass bottle

I really like the shape and style of these reusable bottles by Retap. I currently use a Water Bobble but I’d be keen to try something like this. I think it’d probably need a sleeve if you were to carry it around but the bigger bottles would be handy for keeping chilled water in the fridge.

nordic embassy berlin p

nordic embassy berlin exhibition shadows

nordic embassy berlin exhibition shadows and sun

nordic embassy Berlin

nordic embassy berlin exhibition stairs

The lighting inside the building was beautiful. All the big windows created a very open and relaxing atmosphere. The sun was shining bright outside and created some beautiful shadows on the wall.

nordic embassy snacks

nordic embassy berlin exhibition

It’s a shame that the exhibition isn’t running but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these snaps. It seems like they always having something going on over the summer so be sure to find out in advance. I read that Oslo Kaffebar were in there the other year.

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