Rock Rose Gin – Autumn Edition

I’ve spoken about Rock Rose Gin on multiple occasions. I adore their classic gin and didn’t miss a chance to tell you about their excellent Spring Edition. I’ve even interviewed the founders, Martin & Claire for my Behind The Biz series. So, it’s safe to say that I’m a big fan of everything that comes from the Dunnet Bay Distillery.

Rock Rose Gin 2016

I particularly enjoyed their Spring Edition gin (FYI 12 left in stock) so I was delighted when they sent over a bottle of the Autumn Edition for me to try. Rock Rose are well known for using local botanicals in their gin and as you can probably guess, this gin is focused on the botanicals available throughout the autumnal months.

I always try a new gin straight over ice. It’s the best way to appreciate its true taste. This is a smooth and warming gin. On my first sip I could easily pick out the spicer notes which were quickly followed a crisp berry flavour (blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are used for this). The berry notes aren’t overpowering at all and are well balanced with the spice. The spice comes from from Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium flowers.

Serving Rock Rose Autumn Gin

View Down of Rock Rose Gin

I really enjoyed this gin neat but as I often like a longer drink I added in my favourite tonic (Fever-Tree, of course). The suggested garnish is basil which really compliments the spicier notes of the drink. However, I didn’t always have basil to hand so when I shot these photos I decided to pop a few frozen berries in and it worked a treat.

Rock Rose Gin - Autumn Edition - Serving

If you generally prefer to stick to traditional gins over anything fancy I think you’ll really enjoy the Autumn Edition, actually you’ll enjoy all of the seasonal editions from Rock Rose. They all still hold a traditional and classic taste but with a slight twist. In this case, the Autumn Edition is a little more warming, perfect for an evening by the fire.

Autumn Edition of Rock Rose

Unfortunately this gin is out of stock. I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to tell you about it sooner. Hopefully they’ll continue with their seasonal editions throughout 2017. If they do, you really must give it a try. Also, you can currently buy their Winter Edition which promises to offer a gin with juniper and fragrant pine notes. The key botanical in the Winter Edition is spruce tips. This sounds right up my street so I’ll be keen to order a bottle as soon as I can.

The seasonal editions from Rock Rose make for a nice gift for any gin lover. They’ve given their branding an autumnal twist and I love it. Like their classic gin the seasonal editions come in beautiful ceramic bottles. For the Autumn bottle the lid is encased with a deep red wax seal which really adds a special touch. I believe the Rock Rose Seasonal Editions are becoming quite the collectors item.

Have you tried any of the seasonal gins from Rock Rose?