3 reasons I’d love to go on a cruise

I’ve never been on a cruise before. I came close a couple of years back but unfortunately it never materialised. Ever since then I’ve been intrigued to give one a try. More specifically, I’d love to go on a cruise of the Fjords. The natural scenery would be magical to see in real life. There’s only so much you can take from even the best photos of waterfalls and mountains, you really need the real deal. I’m keen to explore the bigger cities of Norway as well as the smaller villages and I think a cruise would be the best way to do this.

When Planet cruise got in contact the other week I had a browse through their website and was delighted to see that they offer a whole host of journeys including the Fjords, Alaska, Middle East and many more places. I’d be totally up for taking a cruise around any of these places.

Aside from experiencing the beauty of the Fjords here are 3 other reasons I want to go on a cruise:

– Relax and explore: One of my friends who has done a lot of backpacking and city breaks loves to cruise. He says it’s the perfect balance of having time to explore a new place as well as taking some time to cut off and relax from work. A city break is usually very fast paced and you don’t always have the chance to stop and rest, read a book or simply sit still for a moment. That’s how my city breaks go anyway and I love them. However, since becoming self-employed a couple of years ago I’ve been working longer hours than ever and I now realise the importance of a proper break. I don’t often take one but when I do I really notice the difference. I get back to work and I feel so inspired and motivated. Having the chance to satisfy my need for exploration whilst also taking a couple of days to be calm and still would be ideal.

Less stress: After you’ve picked your cruise all that’s left to do is research the ports you’ll be stopping off at and pack. You’ve got your bed, food and transport sorted with one swift booking. This would make such a nice change as I often spend a lot of time researching and booking everything individually. If like me, you often travel with a group of friends you’ll know how difficult it can be to get everyone booked onto the same flights and hotel. Picking and booking a cruise would make everything much more simple.

– Island (or city) hopping: I love the idea of falling asleep in one place and waking up in another. Visiting multiple islands or cities can often become expensive but if you find a cruise with a good itinerary then you can find yourself ticking off a bunch of places within the space of a week. This is why I want to do a cruise of the Fjords. I think it would give me a good overview and I can pinpoint cities or villages I want to go back to in the future.

A lot of my friends opt for the cruise life once every couple of years and it really does sound like a fun and relaxing way to plan a holiday. Have you been on a cruise? 

Thanks to Planet cruise for collaborating with me on this post.