Next Black and Red Inspired Hiking Boots

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Next hiking inspired boots

I’m currently loving these hiking inspired boots from Next. I got them in the sale just after Christmas (£30 reduced from £65) but unfortunately they don’t seem to have them in stock now. I did share them over on Instagram and Twitter around the time I found them so hopefully some of you managed to track them down. These TOMS boots are kind of similar.

I don’t know about you, but I never think twice about sharing something that isn’t in stock. My little blog has always been here to document my life and share the things I love. It just so happens that these boots aren’t in stock but that doesn’t mean someone can’t take inspiration from the post.

Next hiking boots up close

I originally spotted these boots on the Next website just before Christmas and knew I wanted to add them to my shoe collection. Sometimes I see things which I like, but I don’t love and more importantly, know that I don’t need. This has come with time, with learning about my own style and working hard at being mindful with my purchases.

It was different with these boots. It was love at first site and I was certain I’d get a lot of wear out of them. When I buy things I try to imagine the outfits I can create and if it’s a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes which I’ll enjoy over the years. If the boxes all tick then into my shopping bag they go.

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Next boots details

I love the classic black boot against the bright red laces. However, if you fancy something a little more understated then you can always swap out the red ones for the black which also come in the box. I also really like the colour contrast of the heel. As I wear black tights a lot a full black shoe or boot can sometimes be a bit much (though I still wear them). The light sole and bright red laces help to break up the black.

Next Hiking boots in the frost

These boots have honestly been so comfortable to wear and go well with all of my dresses and skirts. If you wear jeans then I have no doubt that they’d work perfectly fine with them too. They do a good job at keeping my feet comfortable and dry which is important throughout the winter months.

Although they’re not proper walking boots I have worn these on a few walking trips. Nothing crazy, no major hikes, although I do walk up a pretty steep hill to my flat. I did wear these on a little adventure by the canal in Sheffield. That trip turned out to be rather muddy but it did end with cocktails so that was fun. I was worried the boots wouldn’t clean up well but I left the mud to dry out and then brushed it off and finally wiped them down with a little water. They were soon good to go again.

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I did a little research and found a few pairs of boots which you might like. They aren’t quite the same but I hope they help to give you a little more inspiration if you’re looking for hiking inspired boots. As the winter comes to an end you should be able to find more boots in the sale. It’s the ideal time to pick up something you love with a little discount in preparation for next year.