Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Biscuiteers Tin

Join me for tea and biscuits

With a little help from Biscuiteers I had the opportunity to treat my mum to an early Mother’s Day surprise. Each year I like to find something unique for my mum, she does a lot for me so I always like to put a little extra thought into finding something special for her. I also like to stick to practical and edible gifts, they always go down really well.

Mothers Day Biscuit Tin from Biscuiteers

Biscuits from Biscuiteers for Mothers Day

This year I’m thanking my mum for always being on the end of the phone when I call. I talk to her almost every day; when I’m walking to the gym, to my office or sometimes, just while I’m cooking the dinner. I love catching up with her to find out what she’s been doing, ask advice about my business or simply to just say hello. We currently live in different cities and although I do miss being able to pop out for coffee with her, the beauty of FaceTime is that it’s almost like I’m there. I love her very much so it’s nice to be able to treat her and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to do just that.

Flowery biscuits from biscuiteers

Personalised Biscuiteers gifts made by hand!

I loved handing over the pretty illustrated Mother’s Day Bouquet Biscuit Tin from Biscuiteers when I went to visit her last week. She hadn’t heard of Biscuiteers before so this was a totally new experience. The tin is a real beauty and it can easily be re-used for many things once you’ve enjoyed the biscuits. She loves flowers and already has the box on display in her kitchen. Biscuiteers think about every little detail. When you remove the lid there’s a dainty little sticker holding the delicate pink paper in place. As you start to peel back the paper you begin to see the beautiful biscuits hidden away within the tin. My mum was delighted (check out this little video on Twitter) and immediately put the kettle on.

Time for tea and biscuits

The biscuits were delicious and although I could only have one (annoying dairy allergy) they went down very quickly. They really are some of the best biscuits I’ve had and my family loved them. At first, they appear too pretty to eat but once you’ve had your first bite you’re ready to dive into the rest of the box.

Tea and biscuiteers biscuits

Biscuiteers 2017

This Biscuiteers tin combines the beauty of flowers and the delicious treats of biscuits. They offer plenty of options for Mother’s Day gifts (including gluten free) but I think the Mother’s Day Bouquet Biscuit Tin has got to be my favourite from this year’s collection. There are around 16 biscuits in one tin which makes it perfect for sharing with family and friends. Let’s be honest, biscuits are made for sharing. The biscuits inside the tin are all handmade and are inspired by Anemones and Daisies. I was amazed by the detail of the biscuits and I  would love to learn or at least attempt decorating biscuits like this.

Flowery Biscuiteers

So, why send Flowers if you can send Biscuiteers? They’re a truly special treat. Make sure you get your orders in by the 22nd March unless you plan on using special delivery. I hear they also do same day delivery if you’re based in London which is pretty cool.

PSST! Mother’s Day is on 26th March, I’m sure you all know but I thought I’d pop a little reminder in here.