Savse Protein Smoothie Range

I’ve been drinking Savse smoothies (pronounced sav-say) for a couple of years now. I reviewed the full collection a few years back and loved them because they didn’t contain any added sugar and were 100% natural. They cold press all the ingredients to ensure all the goodness is retained from the fruit and veg. This protein range is the first High Pressure Processing range which is a technique used to ensure all nutrients are locked safely into each bottle.

The brand was launched back in 2013 by Guka Tavberidze with a little inspiration from his mum, Nina. I’m so pleased that Savse have grown from strength to strength over the last few years. Infact, since I last reviewed the collection they’ve had some new additions; Purple Red, Jonagold Apple Juice, Grove Orange Juice and 3 Protein filled smoothies.

Today we’re going to be talking about Savse’s new cold press protein smoothie range. I was kindly sent out the 3 new protein smoothies along with a few extra health and fitness goodies. It wasn’t ’til the smoothies arrived that I noticed they contained dairy (whey protein). That was my mistake and although I can tolerate a little dairy I unfortunately couldn’t drink a full bottle. I was gutted because these smoothies are so good. Luckily, Phil was on hand to trial out the smoothies. He doesn’t go to the gym but we try to get out for a run together at least twice a week.

Take it away Phil: 

Savse Protein Smoothies

Protein Punch:  coconut, pineapple, lime, vanilla, maca and Whey Protein

Both Daisy and I really enjoy a Piña Colada on a sunny day. So, it was no surprise that Protein Punch was a winner. It has a lovely creamy texture and is perfect for anyone who loves pineapples. I didn’t even realise these smoothies had protein in ’til Daisy told me. I normally stay away from powdered protein, it usually has a very odd taste to it. This doesn’t seem to be the case with these smoothies though. They’re easy to drink.

Protein Blast: Coconut, Whey Protein, Lemon, Blueberry, Apple and Strawberry

This one is perfect for berry fans of which I am admittedly not one. Still, it has a rich, creamy texture and a quite clear fruity taste of berries. It’s a little sharp but I know that this would be Daisy’s favourite. It’s like drinking a fruity berry yoghurt.

Protein Smash: Coconut, Whey Protein, Strawberry, Apple and Lemon

The strawberry flavour really comes through on this one. It has a nice creamy texture like the others and I felt like I was drinking a fruity milkshake but instead of it being sickly sweet, it was really refreshing. It’s left me looking forward to the summer months and dare I say, I feel ready to up my exercise routine.

I think it’s safe to say that Phil enjoyed each of the smoothies. It’s a shame I can’t incorporate these smoothies into my weekly gym routine as they just make kick-starting the day with 10g of protein easy. I always pick Savse smoothies up in Waitrose but they also have them in Sainsbury’s, Ocado and lots of other shops. Just pop over to the website for a full list.

I was also sent some socks from Sweaty Betty which have been very handy over the last few weeks as I’ve been going to a trampoline workout class. That’s right, an exercise class focused around using the trampoline. It’s so much fun! There was also a Water Bobble, a brand I love and already use daily and find helps me to drink more water and some Happy Plugs headphones. I’ll probably do a full review on everything soon and as I mentioned before, I’ll try and get my hands on some of their other new smoothies and share my thoughts with you.