Inspired by the flowers in Cambridge

Flower standing strong

blossom flowers in cambridge

Cambridge Flowers

blossom in cambridge

Beautiful red and green colour combo

Cambridge flowers 2017

Beautiful flowers in Cambridge

I’m currently inspired by the flowers that surround me when I go for a walk. I like to incorporate their colours into my outfits, my home and my work. I’ve spoke before about how I aim to do something creative each day, it’s time that I can cut off from work and learn or develop upon a new skill. A couple of days ago I was in Cambridge and as I was walking into the city centre with my mum and sister I decided to stop and look at the flowers. My sister and I had our cameras so we took a little time to find a pretty blossom tree and explore The Backs. Although we had a busy day ahead of us it was lovely to take some time to be creative and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

I’ve just been looking back on the photos and I thought it would be nice to share a few of them here. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the photos for a few upcoming projects. Except to see a lot of blush pink and green.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?