Elmo Trainers by Puma

Red elmo trainers

I was a little late to the limited edition Puma and Sesame Street collaboration party. Why didn’t I find out sooner?

Puma and Elmo collaboration

Luckily, I wasn’t too late and managed to treat myself to these beauties. I’m a long-term fan of Sesame Street, it was one of my favourite TV shows when I was little and that love is still going strong. This whole collection is sure to satisfy your inner child, just like anything with The TurtlesSharky & George or The Poddington Peas would.

New Elmo Trainers

Elmo Puma trainera

We all love a little nostalgia, right? Exactly! So when I discovered the Puma collaboration for ‘grownups‘ I just knew I had to get involved.

I managed to pick up a pair of these fun Elmo trainers from good old Shopbop last month. They’re still in stock along with a pair of bright blue Cookie Monster ones and a white pair covered with a mix of characters. I’ve also just discovered that they have a few more bits from the collection over on the Puma website but as you can imagine, a lot of the designs have already sold out.

Puma trainers with Elmo

The whole collection has a real 90s vibe. The basket trainers are a true classic and a style which I find goes well with both jeans and dresses. They’re covered with the iconic silhouette of Elmo’s eyes and cute little nose. I particularly like the detailing on the back where Elmo’s little face can be seen peeping out of the heel.

Elmo Trainers Details

Here’s a closer look at the heel detailing. I’m also really into the suede finish of the trainers and I’d really like to get the bright blue Cookie Monster ones too.

Elmo Kicks

We get a lot of rain here in the UK so I’m going to be super careful with them. I’m hoping to get the chance to wear these trainers during the summer. I’ll be sure to share a few photos on how I style them but for now, I’ve been keeping my outfits simple with black jeans and a white t-shirt.

If you come across anything else from the collection then please let me know.


Are you a Sesame Street fan?