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T2 Teas in the Shop

It’s no secret that I’m really into tea, the name of this little blog gives it away. I think you can imagine my excitement when an email arrived from the lovely team at T2 a few weeks ago. They asked if I’d like to visit one of their stores for a one to one Masterclass and learn more about the brand and the art of tea making. I jumped at the opportunity and booked in a visit straight away.

I was first introduced to T2 a few of years ago when my pen-pal, Jennifer sent over a few samples all the way from Australia. She told me it was one of her favourite brands and if I remember correctly, one of the first teas she sent to me was the Sencha Mango tea. It’s a lovely green tea which I’ve since re-purcahsed along with the iconic Melbourne Breakfast tea. Jennifer continued to send me her favourite flavours in the post over the years and I always hoped that I’d have the chance to go to Australia and visit a T2 shop.

The T2 Shop in Sheffield

I was delighted when I started to see T2 shops opening up across the UK. I believe there’s now around 10 stores here and they finally have one in Meadowhall. Luckily I can jump straight onto the tram outside my flat and it only takes around half an hour to get there.

Inside the T2 shop sheffield

The shop is situated on the lower level next to House of Fraser and opposite The Body Shop. You really can’t miss the T2 shop. The lighting is low, the fixtures are black and stacked with bright orange boxes of tea all around the shop. They offer over 200 varieties of tea including white, oolong, green, chai and many more.

Blue Mountain Tea T2

It’s a very hands-on shop. There are samples of all the leaves on one big table and they also have a big brewing station where you can try a variety of teas.

As soon as you set foot into the shop you’ll be hit with the beautiful scent of the brewing teas. The branding and decor is fantastic and you can tell there’s been a lot of thought behind it. I love the black and orange theme throughout the shop and the colourful tea accessories on display. The staff are very friendly and always ready to answer your tea questions. If you get the chance to pop in make sure you ask for advice and don’t be shy to try the teas they have on offer.

Making tea at T2

The Tea Master (I think her name was Katy, I’m so sorry if I’ve got that wrong) was lovely. She knew everything there is to know about tea. It was a joy to hear about her passion for tea and to learn about the tea making process.

She talked me through each section of the shop and explained the different types of teas they have, the making and brewing process as well as the history of T2. She then asked me what types of teas were my favourite. As you can imagine, this is a pretty hard question to answer. I don’t usually like to pick favourites but on this occasion I decided to go with green tea.

Buddahs Tears Tea

T2 tea leaves

We started things off by going for one of the most fanciest teas, Buddhas Tears. It’s a beautiful mix of green and jasmine tea. The leaves are delicate and as they brew they uncurl in the water to release their flavours. This tea needs to brew for around 8 minutes, or a little longer if you prefer it stronger. You can simply set a timer on your phone to be exact. It’s easy to forget otherwise.

Buddhas Tears had a lovely light flavour and I could easily detect the jasmine. It’s a very calming yet luxurious tea. It can be found on the back wall in chic black tins.

T2 Sample in Sheffield

We didn’t stop there.

Next we tried their organic matcha with soy milk which was lovely. I recently started getting into making matcha at home and after chatting with the T2 folk I fancy incorporating it into some baking.

We then moved onto Jade Mountain. Which is such a unique green tea. I don’t think I’d tried anything quite like it before. When you open up the box it has the scent of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. If you’re new to green tea or don’t normally enjoy it but wish you did then this could be the green tea for you. This is more of a sweet tea and it’s perfect to enjoy in the evenings. There will be a full review of this one coming next week.

They have so many green teas and one day I’ll get around to trying them all.

I just want to tell you about one more green tea and that’s Lemon Sorbet. It has a green tea base and the blend is made up of lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon peel and white hibiscus. As soon as you open up the box it has such a beautiful citrus scent. Once it’s brewed (leave it for about 2/3 minutes) it has a real zesty kick to it. I liked this best on its own but I think it would work really well iced. I must pick up a box next time I go.

Tea Cups in T2 Shop Sheffield

They also have a stunning range of accessories too. In one of my monthly favourites videos from last year I told you about this teacup. It was a gift from T2 and I’ve now realised that they have even more beautiful glasses, teapots and teacups which I hope to be able to add to my collection one day.
Sugar Pot T2 Shop
Just look at this sweet little sugar bowl. Isn’t it beautiful? Not only is T2 the perfect chance to treat yourself on payday but their teas and accessories also make for really good gifts.

If you haven’t been into one of the T2 stores and you happen to be passing by then do venture inside. In my experience the staff are always very friendly and they’re always happy to help and give out different blends to try. If you’re new to the world of tea then simply let the staff know and they’ll find the best blends to suit you.

I want to say a big thank you to the lovely team at the T2 shop in Meadowhall. They were all friendly and approachable and made me feel very welcomed. I really enjoyed learning more about the brand and the different teas they offer. I’m excited to explore more of their teas and can’t wait to share some reviews with you over the next few weeks. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite tea is at the mo.