House & Home: 12 Pretty Indie Mugs From NOTHS

Tea on a chilly morning

I hope you’re all having a good week. I’m not sure how we’ve suddenly landed on Thursday, the week is flying by. Actually, the whole month is going by way too quickly and we’re nearly at the end of August. I won’t lie though, I’m starting to look forward to crisp autumn mornings and the excuse to get out my hats and scarves.

This week I’ve been busy making plans for the next few months and working on a re-brand for Prettygreentea. Late nights and early mornings don’t really go hand in hand but I’ve been keeping myself motivated with a good cuppa to kick-start the day.  I alternate between a strong coffee, matcha or a simple English breakfast tea. It all depends what I fancy when I wake up. However, the key to to a good brew is the mug that you use.

I have an ever-growing collection of mugs and teacups, please tell me I’m not alone. I love them all for different reasons and many hold very special memories. I like some of my mugs for their shape and some for their size. Sometimes you just need an over-sized mug of tea to dive into. I also have mugs which are beautifully illustrated, like the Madeleine Floyd one above. It’s always nice to support independent artists and makers where possible.

It was over lunch that I started thinking about my love of mugs and supporting independent designers. So, I took to Not On The High Street and decided to put together a collection of the prettiest mugs I could find. There are so many fantastic makers over on NOTHS so it was a hard choice but here are 12 mugs which caught my eye today.


really like the toatstool mug by Hannah Turner (the very last one). I first discovered Hannah’s designs a few years ago while doing research for my old biz Indiecana. I hope to add some of her pieces to my kitchen when we move house. I also think the badger mug by Dimbleby Ceramics is very cute and would make for a perfect gift for P. Finally the dotted mug by Terry Pottery is a real beaut and I know my sister would love it, the little feet on it are just so sweet.

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration for any up-coming birthdays or maybe even to treat yourself when payday rolls around.

Leave a comment below and let me know which mug you like best.