I’m always inspired by nature and tend to change up my home decor with each season. This year Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Greenery and it’s really inspired me to start bringing the outdoors into my home. Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings and that’s something I’m always trying to encourage more of in my life.

Today I want to share 6 easy ways in which you can take inspiration from the outdoors and incorporate it into your home decor. There’s a special focus on this beautiful Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree which I was gifted by the lovely folk at Blooming Artificial. I’d never thought of using artificial trees or flowers before but I’m now a total convert. It’s only been in my lounge for a month but has already received lots of lovely compliments.

Incorporating the outdoors into your home decor:

Plants and Flowers – This is one of the most obvious and simple ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your home. However, as lovely as fresh flowers and plants are they don’t work for everyone. If you battle with allergies you’ll know all too well that fresh flowers in the home can cause a lot of irritation. If you’re on a budget or short on time then caring for a house tree or splashing out on fresh flowers every week simply isn’t possible.

That’s where Blooming Artificial comes in. They offer a wide range of high quality artificial plants, flowers and trees. There’s no risk of triggering allergies and it’s also a much more budget and time friendly option.

I was kindly gifted the Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree. Traditionally, these trees have been used to bring natural karma to temples throughout Japan. The tree is very sturdy and looks even better in person than it does on the website. The style of the tree works really well in my lounge and is easy to pick up and move to a different location (useful for when we move house).

It has a stunning twisted stem which is covered in natural bark and alongside the dense foliage it makes the tree look very realistic. The tree is 4ft tall so it’s perfect for smaller spaces and is easy to store. I’m also finding it handy to use as a prop for blog photos. I’m keen to give the flowers a try next, I think the Lavender bunch will be really handy for blog and photography shoots.

Natural light – This is another easy one and something which you can implement right away. Every morning open up the curtains throughout your home. If you’re going to be at home then also get the windows open and let the fresh air flow into your home. We do this every day to get rid of the smell of food from our flat.

Try switching to sheer curtains during the summer months so you can let light in while still keeping a little privacy. I keep my bedroom curtains open all night so that the light wakes me up naturally in the morning. This is a good way of getting up earlier in the morning too.

Colours – I personally don’t go for earthy tones during the summer but much prefer to incorporate various shades of yellow, blue and green into my home. This can be done with a fresh lick of paint or in a much more simple way such as new bedding.

The bed is usually the focal point in most bedrooms so think carefully about your bedding choice. Places like Joules and Anthropologie have lots of summer and seaside inspired bedding. I particularly like Ted Baker’s Flight of the Orient bedding set which is focused on Japanese florals.

– Framing prints – Try framing your favourite nature inspired prints. This is a good way of supporting small businesses on Etsy and an easy and affordable way of hanging art on your walls. Watermelons make me think of the summer and this cute little print by Richard Darani is so sweet. I also like this Banana Leaf print by Ambers Textiles.

– Mirrors – Bring more light into your home and create the illusion of space with mirrors. There are lots of beautiful mirrors on the market but if you truly want to bring the outdoors in then opt for a wooden frame. There are some real beauties over on Etsy which will give your home a calm and rustic feel.


– Candles – Create a relaxed atmosphere in your home with candles. I tend to burn candles before guests come to visit or in the evening. One scent which I think is perfect for the summer months is True Rose by Yankee Candle. You can find my full review of it here.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite interior trend is this season. 

Thanks to Blooming Artificial for collaborating with me on this post.