Beside the Seaside with Biscuiteers – Southwold

Mum and Rio at Southwold Beach

A couple of weeks ago I had the delightful opportunity to tag along for a trip to Southwold with my mum and grandma. I’ve mentioned this many times on Prettygreentea but Southwold is a very special place to me and my family. My grandma has been visiting since she was a little girl and that tradition has continued throughout the generations of our family and I hope that continues. I have so many happy memories of our holidays there and it’s truly one of my favourite places here in the UK.

Biscuit Tin Illustrations

A couple of days before we left for the Suffolk coast a beautiful box of biscuits arrived from my friends at Biscuiteers. It was their beside the seaside biscuit tin which was very fitting for our trip to Southwold. The box was beautifully illustrated with the sweetest seagulls (though they’re never as friendly in real life) eating ice creams and relaxing on deckchairs. Just look at their cute little bodies! I knew my grandma was going to love the illustrations and of course, the biscuits.

Biscuiteers Tin Seaside Biscuits

I decided to keep their arrival quiet and hid the box away, ready for our adventure. We bundled into the car early the following morning for our little road trip. It’s not a long journey at all and one we’re all very familiar with. We chatted all the way there and reminisced about the time we lived there for a couple of years. I have nothing but very happy memories from that time.

Biscuiteers Seaside Biscuits


We arrived in the afternoon and after a spot of lunch at The Sail Loft we checked into our lovely accommodation, unpacked and ventured out into the town. We then did what we always do, we walked down to the front to take in the fresh air and enjoy a coffee (from Harris & James) while sitting on my great grandfather’s bench. It’s in prime position looking right out to sea. I decided that this was the perfect moment to present my mum and grandma with the Biscuiteers beside the seaside biscuit tin.

Biscuiteers Southwold Ice Cream

My mum was already familiar with Biscuiteers, I gifted her a box of their Mother’s Day biscuits back in May. As you can imagine, they went down very well and she’s now re-using the tin to store away her art supplies. My grandma had never seen any of their creations so I was very excited to see her reaction. I managed to get a little video of her opening them up. They both adored the biscuit designs and and my grandma noticed the illustrations on the tin right away. There was a lot of ‘oohing’ and ‘awwing’ about the delicate and detailed icing.

Biscuit and coffee

We dived into the tin right away and enjoyed the biscuits with our coffee. As with all of the Biscuiteers collections they always look too pretty to eat but trust me, after that first bite you won’t want to stop. These biscuits were chocolate based and very tasty.

Beside the Seaside Biscuits and Tea

Cute Spade Biscuit

They were a real treat to share together throughout the holiday. We enjoyed a couple most afternoons with a good brew. My grandma was a particular fan of the spade (with bonus sand detail) and the seagulls. They were perfect for dipping into a cup of tea.

Biscuiteers Seagul

Biscuiteers tins make for really fun and unique gifts. All of the biscuits are handmade and decorated in London which makes them truly special. It’s also nice to be able to support an independent UK brand. If you’re keen to find out a little more about the biz then check out this post. The Beside the Seaside tin is family sized which contains at least 16 biscuits, so it’s perfect for sharing.

Sandcastle Biscuit

The tin is filled with everything you’d find on a British summer holiday. Think striped red and blue deckchairs, seagulls, sandcastles, sunglasses and more. Everyone loves a summer break so treating your family or friends to this tin is a lot of fun. I think Beside the Seaside is a versatile tin, it would work well as a birthday treat in July or August, as a thank you or simply just to share with friends on a picnic.

Biscuiteers Cute Biscuits

I think this has got to be my favourite tin so far, it’s just so memorable. The joy on my grandma’s face was wonderful and she enjoyed tucking into them throughout our holiday. I think that’s what matters most. That you can hand over a box of the most decorative and delicious biscuits and really make someone smile.

Fancy treating yourself or someone special to the Beside the Seaside tin? Just pop over to the Biscuteers website and you can have them delivered directly to your friend. 

Leave a comment below and let me know which of the seaside themed biscuits you like best.