Fishers Gin On Southwold Beach


I love discovering new gins, especially when they make such a strong impact that they wind up in my top 5 gins really fast. Last month my friends at 31Dover suggested I give Fishers Gin a try. They know their stuff and I love gin, so I wasn’t exactly going to argue. When the bottle arrived I was amazed by the beauty of it. It has a lovely shape and the navy and orange work so well together. I had a very strong feeling that it was going to to house a delightful gin (spoiler – it’s fantastic!).

I luckily had the opportunity to tag along to a trip to Southwold in July. My family have been visiting this part of the Suffolk Coast for generations, it’s one of my all time favourite places in the UK. I decided to take the neat little bottle of Fishers to enjoy with my mum and grandma. As much as I love to discover new gins, I really like to introduce and share them with my friends and family. Another reason I wanted to take the bottle with me was that I knew the seaside would be the perfect background for photos. These are the types of things you’re always thinking about when you’re a blogger.

Fishers Gin Pouring Seaside

As I mentioned, the bottle is a real beauty. The orange in the bottle reminds me of the fishing nets that you see down at the harbour. What I didn’t realise ’til I’d shot the photos was that Fishers Gin is actually made in Southwold at Adnams Distillery. It’s almost as if this gin was made for me!

“Fishers Gin tells the story of the English coast, where the
awe-inspiring power of the sea meet the rugged shores of the
British Isles”


As soon as my grandma spotted the bottle of Fishers Gin she was keen to find out more. My love of gin comes from her. She’s a big fan of a traditional London Dry Gin so I knew she was going to like this one. She loved popping down to the beach one evening to shoot these photos with me. I got her involved with modelling the gin and of course, she had the pleasure of enjoying a G&T on our walk back. It was fun to get her involved with my work and take her behind the scenes of Prettygreentea.

Fishers Gin Southwold Adnams

They take traditional botanicals like Juniper, Cardamom and sharp orange and lemon peel alongside a unique range of coastal botanicals such as Spignel, Rock Samphire, Wood Aven and Bog Myrtle. The wild botanicals are all ethically sourced, organic and many are foraged daily by James Firth. This means that each batch of Fishers will be slightly different.

All botanicals have been carefully selected by James Firth. He studied Botany at Oxford University and has dedicated his life to plants and nature in England. The rest of the process is then handed over to John McCarthy, an award-winning Adnams distiller. The distillery sits a few hundred yards from the sea and has its own private facility to convert local malted barley into gin. It wasn’t long ago that I visited the Adnams Distillery, you can read about my trip here.


Glass of Fishers gin and Tonic

Fishers works really well with a classic Fever-Treee tonic but even better with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. I couldn’t get hold of any of the latter when I shot these photos but recently picked up a couple of bottles to enjoy with the last of the gin. It’s a very complex gin with traditional but subtle notes of juniper alongside more warm and spicy flavours from the coastal herbs. It’s a smooth gin which is easy to drink neat over ice, a little too easy maybe.

We all drank Fishers as a G&T with a slice of lemon. I’ve heard it works really well with a little chunk of pineapple to balance out the flavours – I’ll report back once I’ve tried this.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite gin is. 

You can buy a bottle of Fishers over on 31DOVER