Behind the Biz – AEQUILL Artisan Aromatherapy Candles

I hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’m excited to be sharing a new Behind the Biz interview with you today. This week we’re exploring the creative world of candle making.

In today’s post I’m chatting with Jintana Khieochaum, the founder of AEQUILL.  

Please tell us about your business.

I’ve always loved candles – I love their light and the ambiance they create. When I was working as a weekend shop girl I was frustrated about not being able to afford nice candles so decided that I should take up candle making as a hobby and I guess thats when it all started!

As a designer I see so much potential in using wax as a medium for our creative output. So we’ve now decided to use this as our ethos – we are putting the “art” back into “the art of candle making.” All our candles are designed and made in-house in our studio in London.

Where did the inspiration for AEQUILL come from?

Unfortunately it wasn’t an epiphany! It took a lot of work and soul searching to arrive at our current destination. But it’s about following your heart and what feels right and nobody will know what’s right aside from you. For me it was the love. To love what you do (I know it’s a cliche but there’s nothing more true.) I took inspiration from that.

My first candle range ‘Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop’ is inspired by time helping my mum blend essential oils for her beauty therapy shop.

How did you decide upon the name of your business?

We took AEQUILL from the word equilibrium which means to balance – or to equal. We believe that opposites attract and love all things that juxtapose each other but work together so the idea of equilibrium was born out of this. In essence we are taking the age-old craft of candle making which we want to reintroduce to the world.

What did you do before starting AEQUILL?

I was freelancing as a Project Manager in design.

Did you always plan to set up your own business?

I’ve always known that I was going to start my own business since I was 10 years old. It’s almost not within my choosing.

What has been the biggest challenge in running your business so far?

The most challenging issue has to be finding time to do all the things that you used to do – exercise, meet with friends and catch up with family. It’s almost impossible. Like any obession it needs to be monitored.

What has been the highlight of your business journey to date?

All of it has been a highlight. Seeing what you’d imagined for so long starting to take shape – bit by bit. And to get people returning to you who love your work is the icing and the cherry on top.

What role does social media play for your business and do you have a favourite social platform?

I think we can definitely be better at social media. But as a small business it’s given us so much exposure so it’s great. Our favourite is probably Instagram because it’s so easy to use.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice would be to take your time. Nothing happens overnight and when the time is right you’ll feel it. And talk to people about your idea.

Where do you hope to take your business in the year ahead?

We want to release new products and new ranges and expand our offerings. The next year is going to be even more exciting.

You can find the full collection of AEQUILL candles over on their website. Don’t forget to support the biz over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

I want to say a huge thank you to Jintana for taking the time to be involved with Behind the Biz. I really enjoyed finding out about her business journey with AEQUILL and love how she turned her love of candles into a successful business. It’s always fun to hear stories from passionate and hard-working people. I can’t wait to see future releases from AEQUILL and wish Jintana the best of luck with her business.

I’ve been lucky enough to try out an AEQUILL candle and can confirm that they’re lovely. I’ll be sharing a full review later in the week.

I hope this interview inspires you to follow your dreams.

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