Embracing Change Within The Digital World

I wanted to pop on here and talk to you about the importance of embracing change, specifically within the digital world. A world which we’re all familiar with and work within. I actually recorded this as an Anchor podcast, so you can listen to that by hitting play. But, if you’d prefer to you can simply ready on.

The digital space moves at a very fast pace and if you don’t keep up then you’re going to be left behind.

You have be ready to jump on new apps/social media platforms and start testing them out. I recommend scrolling through the top downloaded apps and also keen an eye on what people are talking about on Twitter. Then quite simply, get involved. It’s also important to secure your brand or blog username and then see how you can best utilise the app or platform. I made the mistake of not getting onto Snapchat quickly enough, I didn’t think anyone would take my username because it’s quite unusual but unfortunately they did. So you can find me on there as PGTDAISY but everywhere else as Prettypreentea. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. I know I won’t be left behind again.

Watch how your audience or customers take to the new platform. Analyse how they’re using it and take some time to figure out where you fit it and what you can offer to them. Don’t just share the same content across all platforms, think outside the box and give people a reason to follow you on multiple social channels/apps.

Many of these platforms will come and go but there will be one that will shoot straight to the top and you need to be ready. You need to ensure that you’re signed up and there as an established user, leading the way and ready to take your biz/blog to the next level.

It’s just as important to adapt to the changes within current social platforms and apps. When you hit ‘update‘ on your favourite app check out what the new features are. You might not like them but try to figure out how you can best use those changes to your advantage.

Changes are coming on all social platforms and apps within the next few months (they always are) whether we as brands and bloggers like them or not. So keep your eyes open and be ready to adapt to those changes instead of getting left behind.

Have you stumbled upon any new and exciting apps or social platforms recently?