Learning About Luc Belaire Rosé

A few months back I shared a post about my Double Gin &  Lemon Drizzle Cake (it’s dairy free too). I made it with a few shots of Malfy, a wonderful lemony Italian gin. It went down really well and as a thank you my friends at 31Dover sent over a bottle of Luc Belaire Rosé. It just so happened to arrive around the time that we got engaged, so we cracked it open in celebration.

We both enjoyed this sparkling rosé so much that I thought I must share it with you.

Before this bottle I’d never tried anything from the brand before. However, I was familiar with it due to their clever marketing. They’ve utilised social media, Instagram particularly and influencers to build hype and momentum around the brand.

One of their more recent collaborations is with Post Malone. They recently shared this interview as part of their Self Made Tastes Better series. If you’re a fan of my Behind the Biz series and a fan of Post Malone then you’re going to enjoy it. I’m actually curious to learn more about Brett Berish, maybe I’ll have the chance to interview him for Behind the Biz one day.

Luc Belaire is the brainchild of Brett Berish, CEO of Sovereign Brands (also known for Bumbu craft rum). It’s produced in the south of France by the Piffaut family who’ve been in the winemaking business since 1898. That’s 6 generations of family biz. I love to support independent brands so this is an added bonus for my new found love of Belaire Rosé.

Every bottle of Belaire Rosé is born in Southeastern France’s Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The rosé is handcrafted from a blend of 3 grapes;

Grenache gives body, warmth and hints of blackberry and blackcurrant

Cinsault adds aromatic cherry blossom on the nose, finesse, and a supple texture to the finish

Syrah accounts for Belaire’s beautiful color and gives roundness and a toasty richness to the win

It’s such a lovely drink. If you’re a fan of rosé and berry flavours then you’ll really enjoy Luc Belaire. Actually, even if you’re not a fan of rosé you may like this. I don’t normally go for rosé but this has totally swayed me. I’m now all about the sparkling rosé, especially Luc Belaire. I think it has a much more unique flavour than others I’ve tried and it manages to be sweet and fruity without being sickly sweet.

When you crack open the bottle it has a fruity scent of strawberry. When you pour it into your glass it has a lovely shade of dark pink. When you drink it you’ll discover a variety of berry notes within a dry rosé.

Not only does it taste good but the bottle is a real beauty. It stands out against many other sparking wines on the market with its sleek black bottle and pink logo detailing. Branding and packaging is always important, but a strong, quality product within the packaging is important. Luckily Belaire Rosé ticks all the boxes for me.

You can pick up a bottle for yourself here.

Let me know if you give Luc Belaire Rosé a try.