House & Home: 5 Quirky Cushions From IKEA

There’s been a lot of talk about moving house tonight, things are getting pretty exciting. We’re also looking forward to the launch of the new IKEA in Sheffield this month (opening 28th September). They’re putting on lots of fun activities around the city so if you’re based here then do check them out. I believe they were handing out cinnamon buns and hot drinks today in the spirit of Fika. I’m gutted I missed out on that but I’m hoping to pop along for it next Thursday.

I can’t explain how excited I am to take some time to really think about how to decorate our next place. One things certain, I’ll be stocking up on lots of white paint. I’ve been longing to crack out the white paint for a while now. I think it’s such a lovely base for a room, brings in lots of light and is ideal for photography and filming. I’m also keen to go with a bright yellow in the kitchen, although we haven’t quite decided on our theme yet. Will bright yellow fit with mint appliances?

With all the plans about hopefully moving and the impending IKEA opening I’ve been doing a little window shopping. I love browsing the IKEA site not only for new decor but also for general home inspiration and storage ideas. I adore their lifestyle photography and have often shared my favourite collection launches here on Prettygreentea. I really liked the SKOGSTA collection back in 2015 and hope that they bring out some similar items this year. I really regret not picking up a few bits from the collection.

Ikea always have fun and quirky cushions. Not the kind you’d theme a room around but something a little more unusual, a talking point perhaps. I’ve picked out 5 of my favourites to share with you today and I’ll be sure to report back if I pick any up at the opening. Although I like them all, I think my favourite 2 are the Branch STUNSIG and the Multicolour RÖDARV. I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking them up and I think they’ll go just fine with my sofas (I have this one in navy).

1- Toad STUNSIG | 2 –  Branch STUNSIG | 3 – Cactus STUNSIG | 4 – Tropic STUNSIG | 5 – Multicolour RÖDARV

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of these fun and unusual cushion designs. Are you a fan?