My New Love For Superga Pumps

Superga Trainers for Instagram

I stayed away from Superga for a few years because they ended up being a little uncomfortable for all the walking I did. I had quite a few pairs and wore them well but decided to stick to my Converse. Despite knowing this I’ve still always loved the style of Superga pumps, the colour combinations they create and just how easily they go with different outfits.

I even wrote about why I was stopping wearing them here. Looking back on the post it’s clear that I didn’t take good care of them. I chucked them in the washing machine and that’s just not good enough. They probably went in the dryer too and as I’m sure you’ll know, it’s important to let your shoes and trainers dry out naturally. It’s best to take regular care of the pumps by brushing away dust and dirt at the end of each day and wiping them down with a cloth. I also now know that the rubber sole needs a little extra care too. It’s also important to keep the shape of the pump (which is why Superga come with mini shoe trees). That’s the thing, most shoes will last well throughout the years if you take good care of them. We live in a very disposable world these days and I think it’s important we all learn more about caring for our shoes and trainers.

Superga have been going for over 100 years. It’s an Italian brand of shoes founded back in 1911. They’re loved by many people around the world and despite falling out of love with them I’m not back on the Superga love train.

The month I decided to take the plunge and order a new pair. I was prepared for them to be uncomfortable but I just couldn’t resit these beautiful white trainers with pastel eyelets. Can you blame me? I’m SO GLAD I made the decision to get them. Not only do I love the way they look but after wearing them in for a few days they’re just fine. Now, I don’t go on super long walks in them mainly because I want to keep them clean and fresh. So, I class them as my city pumps. They’re also perfect for coastal life so they came with me on my recent trip to Southwold.

This time around I’m really enjoying the firmness of the pumps. I find they support my feet well, which is essential for someone who is prone to tripping over. If you fancy getting a pair too they’re they’re still in stock YAY.

Listen, if you’re used to wearing Converse and Vans then these will seem a little more rigid when you put them on. But if you give them a chance and wear them in then they do soften up a little. They’re still sturdy, they don’t go super soft and flexible but for what I want they’re ideal. I’m already eyeing up my next pair and have put together a little list of all my favourites here for you today. Shopbop have a fantastic collection. They have these cute red ones, beautiful embroiderd ones, chic black velvet high tops and finally these fun white ones with paint splattered onto them. I love them all! Check out the 9 pairs below and leave a comment below letting me know which you’d pick.