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Vlogging Matcha Shop Berlin

Before I go away on a holiday I try to do as much research as possible. That means my evenings in the run-up to the trip are spent pinning pin lots of independent and interesting shops onto Google Maps. Then when I’m away I can easily locate them throughout my trip. This is super handy for those situations when you don’t know where to eat. I love walking around and stumbling upon restaurants but it’s nice to have an idea of what’s on offer.

Matcha Shop Berlin Menu

On my last visit to Berlin I discovered the Matcha Shop. It was situated just across the road from bJuice which is my favourite fresh juice shop in Berlin. Actually, I love the whole neighbourhood of Kollwitzstraße. It’s very pretty, feels safe, the pavements are wide and easy to stroll along and there are lots of fantastic independent shops.

Matcha treats in Berlin

After we’d picked up our bottles of bJuice for the day we went across the road to have a nosey inside the Matcha Shop. We had a look around, admired the beautiful matcha kits and the simple but lovely decor. It didn’t take long for us to order a couple of matcha drinks and sweet treats.

Matcha Tea and Cake

I went for an almond milk matcha latte and Phil had the same but with a splash of vanilla. We also picked the matcha cheesecake and cookie to try. Everything was dairy free so we were very happy. I believe it was all vegan too.

Matcha Shop Berlin Flowers

Matcha sHOP berlin Table

We took a seat in the lovely cafe. It was one big long table with colourful chairs and a big jar of pretty orange flowers in the middle. The cafe had a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. It was a lovely way to start the day.

Matcha Tea

We both enjoyed our matcha lattes, it was one of the best I’ve had and I’m fairly sure it can’t be beaten. It had a lovely delicate flavour of matcha and was silky smooth. The weather was dry but a little chilly outside so this was a nice way to warm up before starting out adventure around the city.

Matcha Cheesecake Vegan

The cheesecake was so good. I’m determined to recreate it at home. Since having to go dairy free I’ve really missed cheesecake so this was a very happy surprise. It was creamy just like dairy cheesecake but with a subtle flavour of matcha and a lovely soft base.

Matcha Cookie with choc

The cookie was equally as good. It was soft to bite and had a lovely flavour of matcha and chocolate.

Vegan Bounty Bar

As we were enjoying mid-morning tea and cake the owner gave us a little matcha Bounty bar to try. It was DELICIOUS. If you’re a fan of coconut then you’ll love this too. It had a strong taste of coconut and matcha (as you would expect) and was coated in a lovely rich chocolate.  I really fancy one right now.

If you find yourself in Berlin and you’re a fan of matcha make sure you visit this cafe. If you’ve never tried matcha before this would be a good place to do it. Almost everything in the shop was suitable for vegans and they also sold a good selection of matcha kits. The owners were very friendly and gave us lots of tips for things to do and see in Berlin.  

Location: Kollwitzstraße 52, 10405 Berlin, Germany

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