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Navy jacamo outfits autumn

Although autumn is officially here (since the 22nd September) it doesn’t quite feel like the season has begun. Both Phil and I are sticking to lightweight jackets and our big coats are still firmly in the cupboard. It still feels as though we’re in the transitional month that bridges the gap between the end of summer and the start of the colder months. I’m sure that’s all going to change in a matters of days though, it’s usually an over night thing.

Today I’m sharing a few of Phil’s favourite items for the transition into autumn. The key focus within this post is navy. He normally sticks to black but decided to mix things up a little this year. The bright colours he loves like yellow, red and maroon will work well to compliment navy. We’ve put this post together with a little help from our friends at Jacamo. It’s not sponsored, they simply sent over a few things for Phil to try out.

Kipling navy backpack

gadgetoid outfit navy

When shopping for new clothes it’s good to keep in mind your key pieces for the season and build your outfits around that. Here in the UK we tend to get a lot of wear out of our coats and jackets. So for early autumn Phil has built his outfits around this beautiful lightweight Ted Baker jacket. He actually wrote about it here. It’s a lovely soft jacket which can easily be dressed up or down for smart and casual occasions.

Phil’s pretty good at creating a capsule wardrobe for each season. He does a couple of shops for key items to last throughout the season and hopefully to stick around in his wardrobe for years to come. Then he doesn’t have to think about it again ’til the next season rolls ’round. I’m all for creating a capsule seasonal wardrobe but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

Navy outfit inspiration jacamo

One of the reasons Phil was keen to check out what Jacamo had to offer was that he always struggles to find long t-shirts. He prefers to go for something a little longer to ensure it acts as a regular t-shirt on his body.

The t-shirt he picked out from Jacamo is this long stripey number. A versatile top for anyone who loves Breton stripes. He said it’s very cosy because not only is it long in the body but it also has long sleeves. This makes it ideal to wear under a lightweight jacket and when the weather gets colder it can be layered under a chunky knit.

Navy chinos jacamo

The second item he picked out were these navy chinos. These were totally new to Phil as he normally sticks to jeans. While he has said he’ll always feel much more himself in jeans he has started to wear the chinos more often. He said they’re very comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for.

Navy and Stripes Pgt

White Converse 2

As always, he went with Converse to finish off the look. If you wanted to go for a smarter look then a pair of suede shoes would be ideal along with a shirt and jacket.

Converse are a standard shoe choice for P. He always goes for the Converse Chuck IIs in white or black. He’s also recently picked up a pair of the bright yellow Converse wellies (they’re currently 40% off in TK Maxx) to battle against the Sheffield rain. So far, so good! I’ll get him to share a full review of those when he’s had more of a chance to try them out.

Navy Details Transition Autumn

Finally I must mention the Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I picked this up as a Christmas gift a few years back and it’s still going strong. He’s currently alternating it with this lovely grey one from Knomo. It’s good to switch between bags and shoes to ensure they don’t get over-used and worn out too quickly.

jacamo prettygreentea outfit

Thanks to Jacamo for sending over the new bits. I hope this post gives you a little autumnal inspiration for incorporating navy into your outfits.