Tea Advent Calendar Kickstarter

The lovely folk over at Tea Revv have launched a fantastic Kickstarter campaign. It’s all focused around their Tea 24 advent calendar.

The idea is pretty simple. It’s a a box filled with teas to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. What’s not to love? The calendar will be packed with 24 different loose leaf seasonal blends. There’s even enough for two cups of tea within each sachet. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of starting each day with a different tea in the run up to Christmas.

The other month I interviewed Joe the founder of Tea Revv about his business journey. I loved hearing his story and even had the chance to try some of his teas (OMG they’re so good). You can find my Behind the Biz interview with Joe here.

Not only do Tea Revv want to launch Tea 24 as a countdown to Christmas but they also plan to have a box for every season. Each box will contain 24 different blends to suit that season. I think this will be such a fun way of trying new teas and will make such a good gift for any tea lover.

The reason they’re launching a Kickstarter is to raise enough money to create the new boxes and blends for Spring, Summer and Autumn. I’m a huge fan of Tea Revv and love what Joe is doing with the brand. I know a lot of you are fans of tea and of course, it’s always good to know about different gift ideas for upcoming birthday and Christmas treats.

I love being able to support indie brands and if you have a friend who loves tea this would make for a fun early Christmas gift. You could also simply treat yourself, I mean, why not?

Find out more and support the Tea 24 Kickstarter