8 affordable ways to make your living room more luxe

I hope you enjoy this collaborative post. I’m always changing up my living room with the different seasons and with the start of autumn I’m all about getting my home cosy but still bringing as much natural light in as possible.

With the living room being the central space in most homes, it can be easy to let it get somewhat neglected style-wise. We all know the score; you come home from a busy day in the office and slump straight onto the sofa, letting coats and bags fall where they will. In no time at all things can start looking a little shabby, with your prized coffee table suddenly buried beneath magazines, mail and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. But we think it’s time to reclaim your living space, and make it a little more luxurious while you’re at it. Here’s how:

Set the Mood

Nothing creates a relaxing atmosphere like the fragrance of a calming candle. Whatever your favourite flavour, the warming scent at once invigorates and de-stresses. Place in the centre of your coffee table to act as an instant mood booster. A particular favourite as the nights draw in toward autumn is Diptique’s woody feu de bois.


It’s a well-known trick of the interiors trade that a well-placed mirror makes any room seem bigger, and if space is the finest luxury then that’s no bad thing. Hanging an unusual porthole-style mirror like this one brings an unexpectedly quirky element to any room and bounces light around to effectively open out smaller spaces.

Get Cosy

A tactile selection of different textures is a surefire way to lend a cosy and luxurious feel to your space. Whether you choose a striking wool pouffe or cashmere-blend throw, a soft selection of statement living room accessories makes any room more sumptuous.

Lighten Up

Soft lighting instantly makes any room more inviting. With a range of so many stylish lamps on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin, but I predict that designs with an industrial edge will be big news for the new season. This contemporary style features copper-look legs and a wide lampshade that complements any décor and looks exceptionally premium.

Get Green Fingered

Indoor plants are effortlessly on-trend and boast a whole host of health-enhancing properties. With the ability to clean the air and imbue a sense of calm (not to mention their endless Instagrammable potential) a classic cheese plant, like this one will lend instant upmarket appeal.

In Print

Forgo plain curtains and blinds for a jolly printed pair to instantly cheer up lacklustre décor. In dove grey or soft pink, patterned drapes are an affordable luxury that will enliven your living room with ease.

Happy Hour

Lovers of all things vintage can lend a luxe twist to quiet corners with an old-fashioned cocktail trolley. By no means limited to showing off your favourite tipple, you can park one in the corner and stack it with knick-knacks, books, or whatever you fancy. Etsy has a range of both new and vintage styles that you can use for inspiration.

Go Faux

Embrace Nordic chic for an ultra-luxurious look, starting with layered-up faux fur pieces. Whether you choose a soft toe-snuggling rug or plush throw, a sumptuous fuzzy style guarantees an opulent finish.