Putting together the perfect outfit for a date to the theatre

Black dress HOF

I hope you enjoy this post, written in collaboration with Jessica Foreman, and that you find a little inspiration for date night.

If you have a date on the horizon (whether it’s with someone new, or with your long-term love), you might be looking for something to do that’s a little out of the ordinary. Dinner and drinks gets a little bit boring if you do it too many times in a row, after all. So, perhaps you could swing by the theatre instead? It’s fun, memorable and a little bit different from your standard date routine, and you’ll have plenty to talk about after the show – especially useful if you’re on a first date and want to have something to fall back on to fill any awkward silences. You’ll want to give some thought to what you’re wearing, so dig yourself out of your style rut and consider these helpful tips on putting together the perfect outfit for a date to the theatre…

Wear whatever you feel good in

The first rule of dressing for a date is to dress for yourself. There’s no use wearing an outfit you wouldn’t usually choose – especially if you think it’s what someone might expect you to wear – as it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident about your appearance. And, if you end up having a second, third or (any number) of dates with the same person, they’ll eventually come to know your true style. So, pick something that makes you feel great: don’t worry about wearing a dress if that’s not your kind of thing, and if you’re smitten with your trusty old vans, just wear them. Confidence goes a long way on a date, and nothing will make you feel more confident than feeling comfortable.


Layer up

That said, there are one or two things to keep in mind when you’re going on a date at the theatre. Typically, theatres become a little overheated with all the people in the audience, as well as the bright lights above the stage and the energy in the room with the dancing and singing. But, they tend to start a little cool, especially if the venue is air-conditioned. So, wear multiple layers so that you can warm up or cool down easily as the temperature in the room fluctuates, rather than sweating in a bulky sweater or a shivering in a flimsy vest top.

Think about your feet

You might not think that footwear is particularly important for a trip to the theatre – after all, it’s not like you’re going hiking through the woods. But, it might be worth giving it just a couple of minutes thought while you’re putting your outfit together. That’s because people will typically need to squeeze past you to get to their seat, or leave the theatre during the performance to use the bathroom. When this happens, you might have your toes trodden on unless you’ve been quick enough to tuck them under your chair, so it can pay off to be wearing close-toed shoes rather than strappy sandals, for example!

Be smart about your accessories

A final thing to consider is the accessories you’re wearing. Whether it’s a scarf to keep you warm or a large handbag you love to put everything in, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you really need to take it with you. That’s because you’ll often be short of space in a theatre venue (no matter how beautiful they are), having to squish your bags, coats and other bits and bobs down the side of your chair. So, plan your accessories carefully and think about whether or not you really want to be negotiating with all those ‘extras’. Whether it’s a case of sitting with everything on your lap during the performance, or wrestling with various things on the back of the bathroom door during the interval, you might be better off leaving some accessories at home.

With these tips, you should find that putting an outfit together for a date to the theatre is fairly easy. Now the only question is – what will you go to see?