Green Lady Sparkling Green Tea

Green Lady Sparkling Tea Bottles

Over Christmas I tired out a new delicious drink, Green Lady Sparkling Green Tea.

It’s a non-alcoholic beverage which makes a refreshing change from opting for iced tea in a cafe or Coca-Cola when you’re in a bar. Yes, that’s right, Green Lady is currently stocked in the following bars; Ampersand Hotel, Crowne Plaza Kensington, K West Hotel and Spa and Gilbert Scott. YAY! 

I love regular sparkling water, Ugly water and now I’m very happy to have Green Lady to add to my list of tasty non-alcoholic drinks.

Green Lady has a base of Darjeeling Green Tea with nutmeg, rose oil and carob fruit. If you’re a fan of green tea and floral flavours like rose then I think you’re going to enjoy this. It has a slight sweetness to it but nothing overpowering or sickly. There’s no added sugar in the drink. Instead it contains carob fruit which is native to the Mediterranean and is naturally sweet.

I personally love that it has rose oil in. I love everything with rose in, it’s one of my favourite flavours. Rose oil is said to be the oil of love and encourages feelings of happiness and contentment.

Green Lady Sparkling Tea GlassWhen you pour Green Lady into a glass it looks just like wine. You could serve it up in a champagne glass for anyone who feels like they’re missing out or to feel fancy.

It has a good overall fizz to it with a light green tea base and strong notes of rose oil and nutmeg. It’s a refreshing flavour which will be perfect throughout the summer months.

Green Lady Sparkling Tea

I’m well stocked up for the next month or so but when I run low I’ll be buying a few more bottles of this over on Amazon. I think it’s going to be something i reach for regularly in the summer months.

All stockists:

OcadoLaithwaitesDrink SupermarketAqua AmoreAmazon and soon to be in the Co-Op.