43 Inspiring Interviews With Business Founders

I’ve shared 43 Behind the Biz interviews throughout 2017. I’m delighted with that and I hope you all enjoy the interviews as much as I do.

If you’re new to Behind the Biz it’s simply a weekly interview series here on Prettygreentea about the journey of founders. The aim of each interview is to discover a little more about the founders behind each brand as well as inspiring those of you who one day hope to run your own business.

In 2018 I’ll be shaking things up a little with Behind the Biz and I already have some fresh interviews lined up for the week ahead. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Here is a full round-up of each Behind the Biz interview from 2017. Click through and discover new brands, talented entrepreneur and powerful words of wisdom.

I kicked off the start of 2017 by interviewing Hugh, the co-founder of Ugly Drinks.  The business launched in 2016 to offer a naturally fruit infused sparkling water.

An interview with Steven Sheldon & Emma Hall, the co-founders of House of SheldonHall. We chat about the story behind their fashion house which began its journey in the attic of a terraced house by 2 University of Huddersfield graduates with with a passion for making things.

I chat to James Dawson, the co-founder of t plus drinks about his business journey to make the world of tea a little smarter. They create super teas with added essential vitamins.

An interview with Aimee Harrison, the founder of Line Cut Supply. Aimee is based in Sheffield where she runs her independent clothing company and makes everything by hand. You’ll be pleased to hear that everything has pockets in.

I chat with Dr.Asif Munaf, the founder of DATE Smoothie. It’s a 100% natural and vegan smoothies which has started its life in Sheffield.

I chat with Iley Özerlat about the story behind Özerlat Turkish Coffee. Özerlat is a family business which was founded in 1917 by Dervis Özerlat. It’s finally made it’s way to the UK from Turkey. They offer the most delicious Turkish coffee.

An in-depth chat with Vivien Wong, Co-Founder of Little Moons. This is a London based business which offers gourmet mochi ice cream.

I speak to Ben, the founder of The Owlery about his business journey. Ben is a product based printmaker and fine artist based in Sheffield. He has the cutest studio and focuses his work around a British Woodland theme.

My interview with Daisy, the co-founder of What Daisy Did. It’s an ethical and sustainable fashion based business which focuses on creating opportunities for vulnerable people where possible. They create stylish bags and accessories with waste materials from a variety of industries. Everything is made by tailors in small communities in India and Northampton.

I chat with Cambridged based Claire from Claireabellemakes. Her business encompasses her shop, blog, craft parties and freelance work as a stylist and contributor.

I interview Jacob and Sam, the co-founders of Tigg’s. The brand is based on secret recipes which belong to Jacob and Sam’s grandma Anne (a former Miss New Zealand). They’re all natural dressings with unique and delicious flavours.

I chat to James, the co-founder of Instantprint about his business journey in the world of online printing. The business is based just outside Sheffield and offers printing services to small and micro businesses.

My interview with Taimur, the co-founder of Top Notch Sales & Marketing. Taimur launched the in 2016 with his brother Zaheer Abbas. They focus on sales and marketing here in the UK.

I chat with Johan Gawell, the CEO Sudio about the journey of the brand. Sudio is a Swedish earphone brand which was launched in 2012. The name Sudio originates from the song “Sussudio” from Phils Collins.

I spoke with Rowan, the founder of Gram – Sweden’s first package-free grocery store. They sell over 170 products including rice, beans, lentils, pasta, nuts, muesli, flour and spices. They also stock household products such as washing up liquid and powder. Everything is sold loose and the aim is to encourage customers to shop with their own containers and reduce the use of plastic in the world.

My interview with Pip Murray, the founder of Pip & Nut – a natural nut butter company. They launched in 2015 and are already stocked in over 3000 stores across the UK, including Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.

I chat to Steve Walker, the founder of BestatFlooring about his business journey. BestatFlooring was founded in 1961 and is an independent flooring specialist based in West Yorkshire.

I chat to Nick Coleman, the founder of Snaffling Pig. He launched the business on the back of a bet, the story is well worth a read. The aim was to create premium hand cooked scratchings as a craft snack to complement craft beer.

My interview with Marie Lavabre and Sophie Lavabre-Barrow, the co-founders of KINN –  an organic lifestyle brand based in the UK. They offer Organic skincare and Plant Based home care products here in the UK.

My Behind the Biz interview with Sophie Harvey, the founder of Soffle’s Pitta Chips. Soffle’s are a range of all-natural oven roasted pitta chips. They’re delicious and made with all fresh ingredients.

I chat to Ben, the co-founder of Cranes for Behind the Biz. The inspiration for the brand came to Ben when he was studying at Exeter and his brother was up at Leeds uni. Cranes Cider is made with cranberries and is a naturally light cider.

I chat with Simon, the founder of FunkyHeat – the future of style led heating with the benefit of energy efficiency built-in.

My Behind the Biz interview with James Averdieck, the co-founder of The Coconut Collaborative. The brand was founded 3 years ago and sell non-dairy yogurt across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria and New Zealand.

My interview with Amanda Thomson, the founder of Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco. It’s an organically produced, vegan friendly sparkling wine which is much lower in sugar than regular prosecco. I can confirm it’s delicious and is my current drink of choice at home and when I go to Zizzi.


My chat with Luke, the co-founder of PACK’D for Behind the Biz. They’ve created 3 frozen smoothie packs which are ready to blend at home. Each one contains 2 portions along with 2 sachets of superfoods.

In this interview I chat with Riikka and Mia, founders of TAIKKA – an ethical handbag and accessories label. Their handbags are made with durable fabric that can withstand England’s dreary weather.

My interview with Charlotte, the founder of XO Balm. XO Balm is aimed at people with very dry, irritated skin and eczema.

I chat with Joe, the founder of Tea Revv. Joe creates interesting and unique blends with fantastic branding.

I chat to Wendy Stirling, the founder of Botanicals about her business journey. Wendy’s organic skincare range was launched in 2004 here in the UK. She created her business after her daughter suffered a very band reaction to a hair product.

I chat with Paul Rostand, the founder of the Great British Biscotti Co. Paul creates a delicious selection of biscotti and takes us through his business journey in this interview.

I chat with David, the founder of Lift. Lift is a home and lifestyle shop based in the lovely Seaside town of Southwold. The shop began from David’s love of functional design and a childhood obsession with stationery.

I chat with Paula Short and Rachel de Caux, the founders of Beauty Blvd. It’s a niche cosmetic company which began as a way to increase footfall into Rachel and Paula’s salon. They create fun, multi-use cosmetics.

My interview with Andrew Gibb, the founder of Coldpress. Coldpress offer a tasty range of Cold Pressure juices here in the UK.

My interview with Huib van Bockel, the founder of TENZING Natural Energy Drinks. TENZING is an all-natural and low sugar energy drink which contains just 6 ingredients – green coffee, guarana, beet sugar, Himalayan rock salt, green tea and lemon juice.

I chat with Jintana Khieochaum, the founder of AEQUILL – a beautiful range of candles. Jintana’s first collection ‘Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop’ was inspired by time helping her mum blend essential oils for her beauty therapy shop.

I chat to Zena Deane the co-founder of Huxley Hound about her business journey. They create veggie snacks for dog.

I chat with Peter the co-founder of Beckleberry’s Ice Cream. It’s a father & son business that was founded in 1996 with the aim to source locally where possible with small-batch production and delicious flavours.

I chat with Ian Hills, the founder of Purple Pilchard. Purple Pilchard is an incubator agency for new and exciting brands.

Here’s my interview with Farrah, the founder of Moose Maple Butter. Farrah creates delicious maple inspired butters to spread onto crumpets, toast, as a meat glaze as well as many other uses.

I chat with Kevin Bath, the co-founder of Jim Jams. It’s a family business based on low sugar recipes and tasty flavours.

I chat with Meg Haggar, the founder of Raw Halo. Raw Halo is a vegan ice cream which was launched in 2015.

My Behind the Biz interview with Anna Wright about her business journey as an artist and illustrator based in London. Her illustrations are inspired by animals and birds with ranges in homeware, gifts and cards.

Well, that was a rather long round-up wasn’t it? I didn’t realise I’d shared so many interviews throughout 2017. I’m so pleased with the series and I really do hope you all enjoy it too. 

See you in 2018.