My 2017 in Photos

An overview of my 2017 in photos.

I always love to share these posts because they’re such a handy way to look back on the year and appreciate all the fantastic things that happened. I’ve decided to share a few blog posts and YT videos from each month too.




My goals for the year

A vegan meal at Zouk in Manchester

An interview with the founders of Ugly Drinks

walk by the canal in Sheffield


ValentinesDay Gift List

2 Cocktails Browns Sheffield

How to work productively from home

Interview with the founder of Line Cut Supply

I finally uploaded my Paris Vlog


Jasmine Fizz Cocktail - easy to make

Tea and biscuiteers biscuits

Grilled White Fish steamed bun

A delicious lunch at Browns in Sheffield

A fab gift for Mother’s Day with Biscuiteers

Lunch at Yuu Kitchen in London

Interview with the founders of Instantprint for Behind the Biz


Muddy Alpaca But Happy

I turned 30 in April and had a lovely get-together with my family in Cambridge

I interviewed the founder of Gram in Sweden

Here’s one of my favourite cleansers

We tried the new spring menu at Zizzi and discovered the delicious Prawn Zucchini Bites

I was delighted to work with Uncommon Goods.



Coffee at Zio Mario in May

Praia dos Caneiros

I interviewed the founders of Cranes Cider for Behind the Biz

I visited Portugal with Leanne

I discovered the story of Ciroc Vodka

You must try these Pomegranate Hearts


Double Gin Drizzle Slice Cake

Picnic basket 2017

Stop being a people pleaser, I promise you it’s worth it

I interviewed the founder of Skinny Prosecco for my Behind the Biz series

I treated myself to these fun Elmo trainers

I attended a masterclass at T2 in Sheffield

My late birthday trip to visit the llamas with Phil


theboardbasement prettygreentea

Sunflowers in July - Cambridge

Ice Cream Cones Harris and James Southwold

Biscuiteers Southwold Ice Cream

Mum and Rio at Southwold Beach

Rio with Fishers Gin

I went to Southwold with my Grandma and mum

My favourite gin of the summer

Here’s a video filled with 20 random facts about me

I visited Pump Street Bakery and had the most delicious avocado on toast


We got engaged

The benefits of joining a co-working space



Veg Dim Sum

Fruit themed box of biscuits

I chat to the founder of Tea Revv in my Behind the Biz series

I was sent a backpack from one of my favourite brands and reviewed it here

I discovered a new tasty drink, Koko Kanu


mcdonalds burger

Yo Sushi Launch Sheffield

Daisy Prettygreentea Beret

Pumpkin Spice Fireball Shots Halloween

I worked with McDonalds which was so much fun

A few ways in which you can support bloggers

I wrote about the importance of embracing change in the digital world


Me and L

Brighton Pier

The Snowman Biscuits Biscuiteers

Hyper Japan Lanterns

I visited Brighton for the first time with Leanne

I attended Hyper Japan for the first time with Rachel

I interviewed the founder of Miiro ice cream for Behind the Biz

Had a delicious lunch at Liutaio in Cambridge with my mum and Phil

The skills I’ve developed through blogging


Easy Mince Pies Prettygreentea

Lovely hair treatments from The Body Shop

I made Fireball cupcakes here on Prettygreentea

Here’s my round-up of gins from the year

A few biz audiobooks you should listen to in the new year

I hope you all had a fab 2017.