8 Gins You Need To Try – Gift Ideas

I love discovering new gins and I know lots of you do too. So, I thought it would be fun to share a round-up of my favourite gins from this past year.

All of these gins would go down a treat as a gift to a friend or even to yourself. They’re some of my favourites but of course, there are still many more out there for me to try. I’ve shared a photo of each alongside any links to relevant posts I’ve created including cocktails, recipes and reviews. I’ve also shared my thoughts on each one within this post and linked to where you can buy them.

Fishers Gin


“Fishers Gin tells the story of the English coast, where the
awe-inspiring power of the sea meet the rugged shores of the
British Isles”

This was a new discovery for me in 2017 and it immediately become a firm favourite.

It’s made in Southwold at the Adnams Distillery with a mix of traditional and coastal botanicals. There’s  juniper and cardamom in there as we as spignel, rock samphire, wood aven and bog myrtle. 

The coastal herbs give this gin a lovely warming flavour while still holding true to a traditional gin with subtle notes of juniper. It has a smooth flavour and is easy to drink over ice or with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

The bottle is beautiful and I think this would be a lovely treat for any gin lover, especially those who prefer a classic gin but are open to a slight twist.

Grab a bottle of Fishers Gin.

Don’t forget to read my full review of Fishers gin.

Malfy Gin

Malfy Lemon Gin

Just look at that bottle, isn’t it cheerfu?

Malfy is an Italian gin which is made in Turin with local lemons from the Amalfi Coast. It’s not one for gin purists but if you’re happy to stray from traditional gins then you must give this a try. It’s a truly lemony gin with the classic notes of juniper taking a backseat and allowing the citrus to shine through.

Malfy is a really fun bottle of gin to have in the cupboard. It works delightfully well as a good old G&T (garnish with rosemary or thyme), get creative and make some cocktails or do a little baking with it. Here’s a recipe I made for a Double Gin Drizzle Cake using the beautiful Malfy gin.

Pick up a bottle of Malfy Gin.

Cocoa Gin

Cocoa Gin

Leanne got me a little bottle of this a couple of months back. I saved it for a rainy day (we’ve had a lot of those recently) and it was just the pick-me-up I needed.

This is such a unique gin. I got an almost peppery and warming flavour from the gin, perhaps from the coriander. It had a slight after-taste of cocoa at the end. It’s very unusual, not one for those of you who prefer a classic gin but if you’re open to something slightly different then it’s well worth a try. I loved it.

It’s a smooth gin which goes down well with a little ice or use your favourite tonic and a slice of orange. I prefer having it with tonic but avoid adding lemon or lime. It’s the slice of orange that really makes this G&T.

You can buy Cocoa gin on its own or as a cute little gift set with gin infused chocolates.

Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin for 2

Pinkster Gin was launched in 2013 by Stephen Marsh and is produced near Cambridge.

It’s a lovely smooth gin and juniper can be tasted alongside the subtle berry flavour. The berries do not over-power the gin at all. They simply give the the traditional gin a raspberry twist.

Pick up a bottle of Pinkster Gin and if you’re feeling fancy go for the bundle option with the jar of gin-soaked raspberries.

Elephant Gin

Eelphant Gin

Elephant Gin is a premium dry gin which is handcrafted and distilled in Germany. It’s inspired by Africa and made with rare African botanicals.

The juniper comes through strong but then there are notes of pine and a warming taste. It’s a complex but smooth gin with a combination of spicy and floral flavours.

The special part! With every full sized bottle that is sold they contribute 15% of their profits to Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants. Then with each of the mini bottles sold 15% of profits is donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Each of these organisations are devoted to the conservation of the African elephant.

You can find and treat yourself to a bottle of Elephant Gin and support the conservation of the African elephant.

Hayman’s Sloe Gin

Haymans gin

I’m a big fan of sloe gin. It’s such a cosy drink to enjoy throughout the colder months. Hayman’s have been in the gin biz for over 150 years. They steep the sloe berries with Hayman’s Gin for several months before blending it with natural sugars.

This is a lovely smooth gin, not at all sickly or tart. It’s just right. It’s got a deep plummy and warming flavour to it. I like to drink it neat or mix it with a glass of sparkling wine.

You can pick up a bottle of Hayman’s sloe gin here.

Rock Rose

Autumn Edition of Rock Rose

Rock Rose is a handcrafted Scottish gin from Dunnet Bay Distillery. I’ve tired their classic gin as well as their 4 seasonal gins.

All of the Rock Rose gins are fantastic but if you’re looking for a gift I think the seasonal gins are always a real treat. The branding gets a seasonal make-over and their ceramic bottles always stand-out on your shelf. Each gin stays true to a traditional flavour but with a slight seasonal twist.

Here’s my full review of the autumn and spring edition gins.

You can find their gins here. Here is a mini selection of the seasonal gins.

Sir Robin of Locksley

Photo by John Cherry

I’m ending this post with my all-time favourites, Sir Robin of Locksley Gin. Portland Works in Sheffield is the home to this fantastic gin and I even had the chance to interview the founder John Cherry in my Behind the Biz series.

When you crack open a fresh bottle of this gin the notes are citrus focused. It’s a gin which goes down easily when sipped neat, it’s so smooth. It has a mix of floral and citrus notes with strong notes of juniper and elderflower as well as subtle hints of liquorice and dandelion. The latter really shines through when you mix the gin with tonic.

If you’re drinking this as a G&T be sure to garnish with grapefruit. They have some fab cocktail creations on their site too. 

Pick up a bottle of SRL gin on Amazon or over on 31Dover where it’s a little cheaper – Sir Robin of Locksley Gin.

I hope this post has introduced you to some new brands and given you a little gift inspiration.