Postcards from Southwold 2017

Flowers in Southwold

A couple of weeks ago I was in my favourite little seaside town, Southwold. I’ve mentioned it a few times here on Prettygreentea but it really is one of my all-time favourite places (along with San Francisco).

We stayed for a week and had a few day trips to Walberswick, Orford and Woodbridge. We had pretty good weather despite a couple of days of rain. Even when there’s heavy rain in Southwold I love to bundle into a cosy pub and relax for the afternoon.

Mum and Rio at Southwold Beach

It was so nice to have a little holiday with my mum and grandma and spend some quality time together. We had a lot of fun having breakfast by the sea, doing lots of walking and drinking very good gin.

As always I took my laptop along and managed to get a good chunk of work done. I find that it’s really important to have change of scenery. It inspires and motivates me with my work. I shot photos for my Fishers Gin post and this Biscuiteers one during my stay. They were both perfectly suited to the Suffolk coast. I think you’ll enjoy both so do check them out.

I always like to share a collection of photos from each of my trips and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing today. It’s a mix of of snaps from my camera and phone. I also have a little video to go along with it and I’d love for you to pop over and subscribe to my channel. I’ll be sharing more Southwold posts throughout the week. For now, I hope you enjoy these snaps and the video.

Pink flower Southwold

Harris & James is a new gelato shop in town. They make all of the ice creams, sorbets and chocolates in-house and their cakes are made in their other shop in Beccles. If you find yourself in town then do make sure to pop in and support this new biz. I can confirm that their coffee and sorbets are fantastic – lime is my favourite. My mum said their coffee ice cream was the best she’d had. I’m looking forward to trying the chocolate next time too.

Harris and James Ice Cream Spoons

Harris and James Cakes

Ice Cream Cones Harris and James Southwold

Flowers by the sea

A walk down to the harbour is always fun. However, on this occasion it was a very grey and rainy day so we drove down to take a few photos and then quickly hurried back before we got soaked in the heavy rain.

Before the Storm Southwold

Windy and Stormy Day SouthwoldHarbour

Before the Storm Southwold 2017

Flowers - Southwold - Shop

Fresh Fruit and Veg Southwold

Souhtwold Sea July 2017

I loved having fish and chips with A G&T in a can on the beach with my sister and dad. They visited for the day and it was just so lovely. The fish goujons from The Little Fish and Chip Shop are fantastic.

View from Suzie's Cafe Southwold

The view from Suzie’s cafe. They have lots of dairy free, veggie and vegan options here! We always come here for breakfast or lunch and it’s fab.

Orford Southwold July 2017

All the little boats in Orford – a sweet little place to visit.

Visiting Orford

Boats in Orford

Pump Street bakery is in Orford and well worth a visit. I had avocado on toast (of course I did) for lunch and a flat white with oat milk. Delicious!

Old Abandoned Boat Orford

Coffee at Pump Street Bakery

Smoothie Menu Pumpstreet Bakery 2017

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Leave a comment and tell me about one of your favourite memories from July.