A podcast about self-doubt – PGT Biz & Motivation

Image by Poppy Hatami

Remember I told you that I’ve launched a podcast? Well, the first episode of PGT Biz & Motivation is all about tackling self-doubt. You can find the podcast on iTunes or over on Soundcloud.

As soon as Phil and I decided we’d launch a podcast together I knew that self-doubt was the topic I wanted start off with. Actually, I was already armed with a list of topic ideas which I’d put together over Christmas.

One of my most popular posts here on Prettygreentea is how to stop doubting yourself. It’s a topic I like to talk about a lot because self-doubt is something that so many of us suffer with. It’s something that needs to be worked on consistently to really tackle it. By taking small steps it’s possible to break through the wall of self-doubt.

In the podcast we talk about our own experiences with self-doubt as well as sharing our hints and tips to tackle and overcome it.

We’ve also covered the issue of people pleasing, how to work productively and a chat about my Behind the Biz interview seriesYou can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on Soundcloud. Should I try and get it onto Spotify too?