Foodie resolutions and balance for 2018

I hope you enjoy this collaborative post. I’m all about finding a good balance between eating healthy delicious food and having super handy snacks ready to go when friends come to visit.

We might be a month or so into 2018, but I’ve still got the resolutions bug big time. I’ve decided recently that I’d like to explore more of the foodie side of life, rather than keep eating the same old, same old in the post-Christmas slump. With that in mind, I’ve been surprised by just how much variety and information is out there to get me up to speed, so I thought I’d share a few pointers with you.

Let’s waste less

Food waste figures continued to shock us all through 2017. It’s said we waste £13 billion or more of food each year, and plenty of organisations are trying to turn that around. In London, companies like FareShare and City Harvest are helping redistribute surplus or wasted food from supermarkets. Big biz is in on the act too, with Tesco making the bold claim they’ll eliminate food waste entirely by March 2018.

Of course, we all can do our bit too. With careful meal planning, blenders to mash up leftovers into soups and the like, and some clever recipes, leftovers can get a new lease of life.

Let’s stock up smarter

I don’t know about you, but if I feel like nothing’s in (or sometimes even if I know I’ve got lots in!), my thumb starts hovering over the delivery apps on my phone. Those little costs soon mount up, and a big way to make sure you don’t succumb is just to keep a good variety of goodies indoors.

It’s all about what you keep in, in my experience. Staples like rice, pasta and tinned soups are a good idea, while frozen foods are definitely a smart move. Keep them versatile though – especially if you’re entertaining guests unexpectedly. I’ve started keeping a bag of McCain French Fries in my freezer for when people pop over and get peckish, or for movie nights. A good bag of crispy French fries goes a long way in my experience, especially now that loaded fries are so popular. And so tasty!

Let’s open our horizons to new flavours

I went over a few predictions for what I think 2018 will hold for us all recently. As part of that, I went into the idea of flexitarian food, because I’m seeing that even those of us who don’t commit to veganism or the like are seeing its advantages more and more.

Eating healthier isn’t always easy, but lots of us are finding that letting in new flavours from around the world can have unexpected health benefits. I’ll be trying my hand at lots of new recipes from around the world next year, and definitely broadening my horizons when I’m eating out too.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about the meals yet to come, and I’d love to hear your foodie resolutions in the comments below.