4 Pretty Plant Pots For Your Home

We recently moved into a new home and have quickly acquired a lovely selection of plants. I’ve been looking forward to having a few house plants and I’m keen to add a mint and basil plant to my collection. Before I do that I want to learn as much as I can about the plants I have. I hope to be able to keep them alive for a little longer than a couple of weeks.

I’ve been doing a little research and have selected 4 of my favourite plant pot finds to share with you. The first plant pots are a cute animal range from Grace & Thorn. A beautiful florist based in London. They have some great plant accessories to decorate your home with on their online shop. I personally love the Rhinoceros. You must also check out their animal head vases.

The sweet geometric design from Little Deer would make a great gift. The pots are hand-made and perfect for succulents. Based in Brighton, they sell a wonderful range of homeware and furniture. Be sure to check out their beautiful clothing rails.

Ikea has been a go to at the moment since moving house. We currently have this pretty pink design but I’ve been eyeing up the plant ladder. It’s minimal, tidy and a fun way to store your plants. Great if you need to save on space or fancy getting creative.

Which plant pot would you pick?